MEAN Stack and MongoDB Development Techniques

MEAN Stack and MongoDB Development Techniques
MEAN Stack and MongoDB Development Techniques

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MEAN combines MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js into a single, full­stack solution for JavaScript development. This course introduces development techniques that capitalize on the strengths of every layer in the MEAN stack, using a simple discussion board project that exchanges data between a browser­based client and an API service using JWT or token authentication to register users and to provide access to secure service resources. Learn how to create a form for users to post topics and replies, process the submissions on the back end, and store and display the data. Author Alexander Zanfir also shows how to create registration and login components to authenticate users. These techniques can be reused and recombined in your own MEAN­based web applications.

Topics include:

  • Installing and setting up your MEAN toolset
  • Making an Angular post form
  • Sending posts
  • Displaying messages
  • Creating a registration form
  • Saving users
  • Associating users with posts
  • Authenticating users at login

Table of Contents

What you should know
How to use the exercise files
What is the MEAN stack

Install Node
Install the Brackets IDE
Install Mongo
Install Git
Install Yeoman
Set up an app with a generator
Set up a Git repository
Set up an app design

Message Posting
Make an Angular post form
Create a post endpoint with Express
Send a post from Angular to the endpoint
Save to Mongo from the endpoint
Create a message list query with Mongo
Create a message list endpoint with Express
Create a message list view in Angular

Create a registration view in Angular
Create a password match Angular directive
Set up Satellizer for registration
Create a registration endpoint with Express
Save a user with Mongo
Associate a user with post when making a post

Logging In
Set up Satellizer for login
Create a login endpoint with Express
Show logout in our navbar

Next steps