Mastering Web Developer Interview Code

Mastering Web Developer Interview Code
Mastering Web Developer Interview Code

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Whether you’re actively looking for a new job, or you just want to keep your coding skills sharp, it’s important to refresh your understanding of the kinds of front-end and full-stack developer code that potential employers value. In this weekly series, senior staff author explores essential coding skills that every developer should have in their toolkit. In addition to taking you through a series of brief, practical exercises, this course includes interviews with hiring managers and industry professionals that can help demystify the interview process for web developers, and provide you with examples of how others in the field have navigated their careers. Tune in every Tuesday for a new tip.

+ Table of Contents

1 Have you used AJAX to load an external file
2 Welcome
3 What you should know
4 Using the exercises for this course
5 How do you manipulate the DOM
6 Create a practical example of closures
7 What questions are asked in developer interviews with John Riviello
8 How does an IIFE work
9 Explain the difference between absolute and relative positioning
10 What is a callback and how do you use it
11 How would you use flexbox to control horizontal alignment
12 How do you use a constructor to create instances
13 How do you debug CSS using your browser
14 How do I figure out what to learn with Kevin Skoglund
15 How comfortable are you with Sass
16 How do you use arrow functions in ES6
17 Do you know how to use CSS variables
18 How do you manage your career Interview with Chris Coyier
19 Do you know how to use npm
20 Do you have experience using version control