Mastering RethinkDB

Mastering RethinkDBReviews
Author: Shaikh Shahid
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 78-1-78646-107-0
Pages: 339
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 30 Mb


Master the capabilities of RethinkDB and implement them to develop efficient real-time web applications. The way to better database development is here!
RethinkDB has a lot of cool things to be excited about: ReQL (it’s readable, highly-functional syntax), cluster management, primitives for 21st century applications, and change-feeds.
This book starts with a brief overview of the RethinkDB architecture and data modelling, and a coverage of the advanced ReQL queries to work with JSON documents. Then, you will quickly jump to implementing these concepts in real-world scenarios, by building real-time applications on polling, data synchronization, share market, and the geospatial domain using RethinkDB and Node.js. You will also see how you can tweak RethinkDB’s capabilities to ensure faster data processing by exploring the sharding and replication techniques in depth.
We will also take you through the more advanced administration tasks as well as show you the various deployment techniques using PaaS, Docker and Compose.By the time you are finished reading this book, you will have taken your knowledge of RethinkDB to the next level, and will be able to use the concepts in RethinkDB to develop efficient, real-time applications with ease.
What you will learn

  • Master the web-based management console for data-center configuration (sharding, replication, and more), database monitoring, and testing queries.
  • Run queries using the ReQL language
  • Perform Geospatial queries (such as finding all the documents with locations within 5km of a given point).
  • Deal with time series data, especially across various times zones.
  • Extending the functionality of RethinkDB and integrate it with third party libraries

Table of Contents

1 The RethinkDB Architecture and Data Model
2 RethinkDB Query Language
3 Data Exploration Using RethinkDB
4 Performance Tuning in RethinkDB
5 Administration and Troubleshooting Tasks in RethinkDB
6 RethinkDB Deployment
7 Extending RethinkDB
8 Full Stack Development with RethinkDB
9 Polyglot Persistence Using RethinkDB
10 Using RethinkDB and Horizon