Mastering React: A Beginner’s Guide

Mastering React: A Beginner’s Guide

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1032313559 | 260 Pages | PDF | 22 MB

Mastering React helps the reader master the React JavaScript framework for faster and more robust front-end development.

React is a JavaScript framework for creating interface design that is coherent, cheap, and customizable. It makes it possible to create complicated user interfaces out of “modules,” which are small, independent pieces of code. The primary goal of using React is the easier creation of visual interfaces.

React was developed by Facebook and released to the public in 2013. It powers some of the most popular apps, including Facebook and Instagram.

It uses virtual DOM (JavaScript Document Object Model), which increases the application’s performance. The virtualized DOM in JavaScript is faster than the conventional DOM. React can be used as both a standalone framework and in conjunction with other platforms. It employs component and data patterns to improve clarity while also assisting in maintaining larger applications.

React saves you time and money during development because it is component-based. The design can be segmented into reusable modules that could be used to adjust interfaces dynamically. The front-end development industry has a reputation for moving at a breakneck speed. Organizations cannot be expected to modify their apps annually to catch pace with technological innovations. This is why businesses prefer React.

React simplifies many things, and its ecosystem is full of valuable subframeworks and tools. React is among the most powerful front-end frameworks out there. As such, learning React development can future-proof anyone’s career in the long run, and even yield immediate benefits. This book explains the concepts of React in an easy-to-grasp language.

With Mastering React, learning React becomes a charm, and readers will undoubtedly advance their careers with the help of this book.

The Mastering Computer Science series is edited by Sufyan bin Uzayr, a writer and educator with more than a decade of experience in the computing field.