Master Web Development from Front to Back

Master Web Development from Front to Back
Master Web Development from Front to Back

English | MP4 | AVC 1280×720 | AAC 48KHz 2ch | 4.5 Hours | 4.88 GB
eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Master Web Development from Front to Back: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MYSQL, and more…

This Course will help you to go from base to advance in the most common and widely used Front-End and Back-End Languages like HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL. HTML5 and CSS3 for the front-end i.e is for the design part and PHP and MySQL for the back-end i.e for processing and storing the data on the database. In this course you will also learn how you can make your website online by deploying it on AWS (Amazon Web Services) which provides free web hosting for one year.

Things you will learn in this course:

  • You will learn to create website structure with HTML5 and make it look attractive with CSS3.
  • You will learn to get data from the user and store it in the database using PHP Language.
  • You will learn PHP CRUD Operations and use on MySQL database to store, modify and delete the data.
  • You will learn to create a responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, PHP and MySQL.
  • You will learn to create a user registration system in the course.
  • You will learn to upload your website file on an AWS hosted web server.

This course is best for beginners. At the end of the course, you will be able to create your own website and make it online for the world to see.

+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Coding Environment Setup
2 Download and Install a Text Editor

HTML5 – Introduction and Basic
3 HTML Intro
4 Tables
5 Layout
6 Structure
7 Elements
8 Semantic Elements
9 Attributes
10 Class and ID
11 Links
12 Lists
13 Images

HTML5 – Advance
14 Forms
15 Escape Characters
16 Canvas
17 SVG
18 IFrames
19 Audio Embedding
20 Video Embedding

CSS3 – Introduction and Basic
21 CSS Intro
22 Inline, Internal and External CSS
23 Background
24 Color
25 Box Model
26 Text
27 Font
28 Images
29 Layout

CSS3 – Advance
30 Pseudo Classes and Elements
31 Position
32 Transition
33 Media Queries

PHP – Introduction and Basic
34 PHP Intro
35 While and Do While Statement
36 For and Foreach Statement
37 Function
38 Download and Setup XAMPP Local Server
39 Echo and Print
40 Variables and DataTypes
41 Operators
42 String
43 Array
44 If and Else Statement
45 Switch Statement

PHP – Advance
46 Super Global
47 Form
48 Cookies
49 Session
50 File Upload
51 Exception

MySQL – Introduction and Basic
52 MySQL Intro
53 Setup PHPMyAdmin

MySQL – Advance
54 MySQL Connect
55 Select Data from the Database
56 Insert Data into the Database
57 Update Data in the Database
58 Delete Data of the Database

Create a Responsive Website
59 Part-1
60 Part-2
61 Part-3
62 Source code for this website

Deploy Website on AWS
63 Create a Instance with Linux OS
64 Download and Install Filezilla
65 Setup Filezilla and Upload File on Server

Where to go from here
66 What Next