Master Practical Java 9 Development

Master Practical Java 9 Development

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Become a confident industry ready core Java developer with practical Java programming experience

Welcome to Master Practical Java 9 Development. This course is designed to help you master the most in-demand and critical components for becoming a Core Java developer. Especially if you’re going for a job interview or have a Java Project that needs your best performance. This course assumes no prior java experience so prior Java so it will take you from zero to hero!

The topics covered include Object Orientation which I think is not stressed enough in other Java courses so I’ve got special focus on that throughout the lectures. You’ll get plenty of practice writing classes and interfaces as well as countless methods with loops and if else statements, exception handling and file processing as well as how to debug software using Eclipse. You’ll also be mastering the collections framework and diving deep into java generics. You’ll learn all there is to know about multi-threading and the JDBC API for working with a MySQL database. There are also practical projects scattered throughout the course so that you can practice the concepts as you learn them. For example one of the projects is related to a car dealership management system and another assignment involves processing files with stock market data. So as you can see I tried to keep the projects professional and industry relevant rather than cloning a game like flappy bird.

I want this course to be the ultimate go-to resource for anyone that’s looking to become a core Java programmer so I intend on adding more content to this course based on new technologies and student feedback. The content is Java 9 ready which means I’ll show you how to upgrade to the latest version of Java which is version 9 and I’ll teach you how to configure Eclipse to work with both Java 8 as well as version 9.

Table of Contents

1 Course Overview

Development Environment Setup – Java 8 and Java 9
2 Setup Java 8 and Eclipse (Windows)
3 Upgrading to Java 9 (Windows)
4 Download Java 9 and Eclipse (MAC OS)
5 Switching between Java 8 and Java 9 in Eclipse

Getting Started
7 Lecture 2_ First Java Program

The Very Basics of Java
8 Lecture 3_ Variables and Data Types
9 Lecture 4_ More on Data Types
10 Lecture 5_ Working with Arrays
11 Lecture 6_ Control Flow using if-else and switch statements

Understanding Methods
12 Lecture 7_ Methods in Java
13 Lecture 8_ Method Visibility and Static vs_ Instance

Understanding Object Orientation
14 Lecture 9_ Class and Object
15 Lecture 10_ Program Flow
16 Lecture 11_ Program Structure and Application Runtime
17 Lecture 12_ Java Stack + Heap with Reference Variables
18 Lecture 13_ Class Inheritance
19 Lecture 14_ Interfaces
20 Lecture 15_ Abstract Classes

Putting it Together with Strings_ Nested Loops and Debugging
21 Lecture 16_ Working with Strings
22 Lecture 17_ While Loops
23 Lecture 18_ For Loops
24 Lecture 19_ Nested For Loops and Debugger

25 Lecture 20_ PRACTICAL PROJECT (Car Dealership) + HW
26 Lecture 21_ SOLUTION TO PROJECT (Car Dealership) + toString and equals()

Building and Deploying Java Programs with JAR Files
27 Compiling Java Programs using the Command Line
28 Creating and Deploying Executable Programs using JARs
29 Creating a JAR File Using the Command Line

File Processing and Exception Handling
30 Lecture 22_ File Processing with Exception Handling and Keyboard Input
31 Lecture 23_ Buffered File Reader with Try Catch and Finally
32 Lecture 24_ Try with Resources and the AutoCloseable Interface

The Collections Framework
33 Lecture 25_ Introduction to Collections
34 Lecture 26_ Traversing Lists and Custom Types
35 Lecture 27_ HashSet and LinkedHashSet with Hashcode
36 Lecture 28_ Collection Methods and Using the Comparable Interface
37 Lecture 29_ HashMap_ LinkedHashMap and TreeMap

38 Lecture 30_ PRACTICAL PROJECT (Stock Market Data Processor)

Java Generics
39 Lecture 31_ Generics
40 Lecture 32_ Generics with Wildcards

PRACTICAL PROJECT_ Data Analytics Processor
41 Lecture 33_ PRACTICAL PROJECT (Data Analytics Processor Assignment)

Concurrency in Java
43 Lecture 35_ Introducing Threading
44 Lecture 36_ Starting Threads and the Runnable Interface
45 Lecture 37_ Thread Safety Using Synchronization
46 Lecture 37_ Thread Safety with Collections
47 Lecture 39_ Producer Consumer Pattern Using wait() and notify()
48 Lecture 40_ Producer Consumer Pattern Using a BlockingQueue
49 Lecture 41_ Thread Pools and the Executor Framework

JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
50 Lecture 42_ Java JDBC Overview (Installing MySQL Database)
51 Lecture-43-Database-Prepare-Script.txt
51 Lecture 43_ Preparing the Database and Basic SQL Commands
52 Lecture 44_ Use JDCB to Send SQL Statements after Connection
53 Lecture 45_ Inserting_ Updating and Deleting Data Using JDBC

Java 9 Features and the JShell (Coming Soon)
54 Java 9 JShell