Marketing Research with R and Python

Marketing Research with R and Python

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-9811277542 | 296 Pages | PDF | 23 MB

This book is meant for readers with little or no experience in programming in R and Python, who wish to quickly learn what is necessary, and be able to conduct marketing research by running tests easily in R or Python.

A number of marketing research textbooks have been using SPSS or SAS for many years. Conversely, R and Python can be downloaded and installed in a personal computer for free. Instructors and students do not have to go to a computer room in a university to use SPSS or SAS anymore. Instead, students can run R or Python on their personal computers.

For any company, growth comes either from organic growth of existing products, or from launching successful new products. Due to competition in the marketplace, each company’s marketer must determine whether or not it is time to develop and launch a new product:

  • As an upgrade of an existing product;
  • As another product (line extension) under a current brand with an existing product; and
  • As a new product under a new brand.

This book covers important frameworks and concepts of marketing research for developing a new product.