Make VS Code Awesome [Wizard Package]

Make VS Code Awesome [Wizard Package]

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VS Code is pretty good
Its integrated terminal, global search, and extension marketplace are fantastic.

But here’s my beef: It’s loaded with distractions and takes a ton of configuration to feel good.

That’s where this course comes in.

We’re going to make VS Code awesome, then teach you how to be insanely productive in it.

Manuals are boooorinng
This is not about everything VS Code CAN do, that’s what the docs are for.

Instead of showing you everything VS Code is capable of, we’ll zoom in on the things that matter to a working developer.

Here we go.

Hide All The Crap
First, we’re going to hide all the distracting crap everywhere. We want our editor to feel more like an artist’s canvas than a pilot’s cockpit.

Ditch the mouse
Now that we’ve hidden everything, we’ll establish some easy to remember keybindings. Keyboard shortcuts should be logical and easy to remember. None of this hieroglyphics

Make it look gooood
Aesthetics matter. You spend most of your workday inside your editor. You should LOVE the way it looks.

Write Code Faster
You write code all day, might as well be good at it. We’ll reinforce basics like duplicating/deleting lines of code and travel all the way to advanced multi-cursor techniques. We’ll make awesome keybindings for each operation as we go of course.

Teach VS Code PHP
VS Code understands JavaScript pretty well out of the box, but if you use PHP, you’re screwed. We’re going to teach VS Code PHP so we can have goodies like: autocomplete, goto definition, find all references, rename symbol, etc… We’ll also cover test running and linting.

It’s All About The Bindings
All of this is going to be paired with logical, easily memorizable keybindings. No more odd combinations of modifier keys, just logical shortcuts you could almost guess. I’ve poured SOOO much thought into my keybindings and I CAN’T wait to share them with you.

The 144-page book (Mac and Windows versions)
Over 2.5 Hours Of “I Promise They’re Not Boring” Screencasts
“Better Keybindings” Private Extension
“Simple Project Switcher” Private Extension
Copy and Pastable Settings, Keybindings, and Snippets Files
Printable Keyboard Shortcut Cheatsheet In PDF Format

Table of Contents

1 Intro
2 Better Defaults
3 Hide Everything
4 Silence The Noise
5 Make Everything Pretty
6 The Explorer Panel
7 The Git Panel
8 The Search Panel
9 The Terminal
10 Manipulating Lines Of Code
11 Multi Cursor Wizardry
12 Editing HTML
13 Splitting Panels Quickly
14 Snippets Tips And Tricks
15 Vim Mode
16 Achieving The Full-Bleed Window
17 Switching Between Projects
18 PHP – Setting Up IntelliSense
19 PHP – Running Tests
20 PHP – Automatic Linting
21 JS – Setting Up IntelliSense
22 JS – Setting Up Linting
23 JS – Running Tests