Linux Tips Weekly

Linux Tips Weekly
Linux Tips Weekly

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Linux is the operating system of choice for enterprises that need a stable, agile, and open-source platform, and it’s only getting more popular. Qualified system administrators are in demand. If you’ve been anticipating a transition to Linux for your company or your career, or thinking about using Linux at home, this series presents a great opportunity to explore it—one tip at a time. Instructor covers a wide range of topics relevant to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge of Linux core concepts, including virtualization, the Linux file system, file management, file transfer, process management, multitasking, networking, and security. Plus, learn about compatible hardware and the Linux desktop experience. Tune in each week to get a new tip, and keep learning Linux all year long.

+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome

2 Foundations Whats Linux
3 Foundations Distros
4 Foundations Installing Linux in a virtual machine

System Basics
5 System basics The Linux file system
6 System basics The command line
7 System basics Keyboard shortcuts
8 System basics sudo access and root
9 System basics Explore a system

Working with Text
10 Working with text nano 101

Working Remotely
11 Remote files curl and wget
12 SSH Secure access
13 SSH Transferring files with scp and sftp

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