Level Up: C++

Level Up: C++

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C++ is one of the most popular programming languages today, and this course enables you to check how your skills measure up. Instructor Eduardo Corpeño presents a series of programming challenges to help you practice. Learn how to use GitHub Codespaces with the course, then dive into the challenges, beginning with checking for palindromes and sorting an array and continuing through to more advanced challenges like JSON file validation and the birthday problem. You can move through the challenges at your own pace, in order or searching for particular challenges you want to complete.

Table of Contents

1 Level up your C++ skills
2 Using the exercise files on GitHub
3 Using GitHub Codespaces with this course

Level Up C++
4 Checking for palindromes
5 Sorting an array
6 Fizz Buzz
7 Checking for bitonic sequences
8 Recursive factorial sequence generator
9 Horseplay
10 Creating a class
11 IP address validation
12 Fixing faulty code
13 Playing Tic-Tac-Toe
14 Finding relatives
15 Age in days calculator
16 Conway’s Game of Life
17 The Reflex Game
18 JSON file validation
19 The birthday problem