Let Us C: Authentic guide to C programming language – 19th Edition

Let Us C: Authentic guide to C programming language – 19th Edition

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-9355512765 | 508 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

Know every nook and cranny of C

Key Features

  • A detailed explanation of programming language concepts
  • Lucid explanation of the concept
  • Well-thought-out, fully working programming examples
  • End-of-chapter exercises
  • Hand-crafted “KanNotes” to revise the concepts covered in the chapter

Over 3 Million Copies Sold…

The new edition of this classic book has been thoroughly revamped but remains faithful to the principles that have established it as a favourite amongst students, teachers and software professionals round the world. “Simplicity”- that has been the hallmark of this book in not only its previous eighteen English editions, but also in the Hindi, Gujrati, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and US editions. This book doesn’t assume any programming background. It begins with the basics and steadily builds the pace so that the reader finds it easy to handle advanced topics towards the end of the book.

What you will learn

  • C Instructions
  • Decision Control / Loop Control / Case-Control / Repetitions Instruction
  • Functions, Pointers, Recursion, Translation unit, Scope, Linkage
  • Data Types, C Preprocessor
  • Arrays, Strings, Operations on Bits, Wide Character, Storage classes
  • Structures, Console & File Input/Output, Coding style