Learning Web Development with React and Bootstrap

Learning Web Development with React and BootstrapReviews
Author: Harmeet Singh, Mehul Bhatt
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-78646-249-7
Pages: 278
Language: English
Format: PDF/EPUB
Size: 17 Mb


Build real-time responsive web apps using React and Bootstrap
Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end frameworks, and integrating it with React allows web developers to write much cleaner code. This book will help you gain a thorough understanding of the Bootstrap framework and show you how to build impressive web apps.
In this book, you will get an overview of the features of Bootstrap and ReactJS, along with the integration of React-Bootstrap components with ReactJS. You will understand the benefits of using JSX and the Redux architecture. The server-side rendering of React will also be shown. All the concepts are explained by developing real-world examples.
By the end of this book, you will be equipped to create responsive web applications using Bootstrap style and React-Bootstrap components with ReactJS, and will have an insight into the best practices.
What You Will Learn

  • See how to integrate Bootstrap with React
  • Explore the Redux architecture and understand its benefits
  • Build a custom responsive theme with React-Bootstrap components
  • Easily interact with DOM on your web browser
  • Appreciate the advantages of using JSX
  • Get acquainted with the various routing methods in React
  • Integrate external APIs into React

Table of Contents

1: Getting Started with React and Bootstrap
2: Lets Build a Responsive Theme with React-Bootstrap and React
3: ReactJS-JSX
4: DOM Interaction with ReactJS
5: jQuery Bootstrap Component with React
6: Redux Architecture
7: Routing with React
8: ReactJS API
9: React with Node.js
10: Best Practices