Learning Vue.js 2017

Learning Vue.js 2017

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Have you found a primary JavaScript framework or library that suits your needs? If not, you might want to explore Vue.js, which offers a progressive approach to solving front-end problems. Vue is a sensible alternative to some of the more complex JavaScript frameworks, because it allows developers to add simple data binding to their views, but also incrementally progress to a full-blown single-page application if needed.

In this course, Michael Sullivan introduces the Vue framework, explains which problems it aims to solve, and shows how to add Vue to a new or existing webpage. Michael examines a Vue instance and its lifecycle, and shows simple and advanced data binding techniques along with how to manage CSS related attributes dynamically and handle user input and events. After he covers the key concepts and basic conventions of Vue, Michael dives into its component system, which can help you create modular, reusable code, and shows how to use the vue-router plugin to set up a single-page application with client-side routing.

Topics include:

  • Creating a Vue app
  • Applying control logic
  • Binding to the style attribute and class attribute
  • Reviewing the features of a Vue instance
  • Registering and using Vue components
  • Installing vue-cli and webpack
  • Understanding the Vue app skeleton
Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 What you should know
3 Using the exercise files
4 What is Vue.js_
5 Creating your first Vue app
6 Data binding
7 Two-way data binding with the v-model
8 Applying control logic
9 Event handling
10 Binding to the style attribute
11 Binding to the class attribute
12 Understanding reactive properties
13 Adding computed properties
14 Adding watchers
15 Using lifecycle hooks
16 Registering and using components
17 Using component props
18 Composing and swapping components
19 Managing content with slots
20 Handling events with components
21 Installing vue-cli and webpack
22 Understanding the Vue app skeleton
23 Converting to single-file components
24 Using single-file components
25 Installing and configuring the vue-router
26 Building a simple SPA with the vue-router
27 Next steps