Learning SQL Server Development on Linux

Learning SQL Server Development on Linux
Learning SQL Server Development on Linux

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The release of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 introduces a wide range of new features for developers—including the ability to leverage the power of the SQL Server engine on Linux operating systems. In this course, get up to speed with all of the exciting new features available in this platform, and learn about SQL Server on Linux. Instructor Joey D’Antoni also covers adaptive query processing, discussing batch mode adaptive joins, interleaved execution, and automatic tuning. He wraps up the course with a discussion of SQL Operations Studio, an open-source tool that you can use to manage SQL Server and Azure SQL Database from any platform.

Topics include:

  • Querying with SQL Graph
  • String functions in SQL 2017
  • Adaptive query processing
  • Docker containers and SQL
  • Deploying CLR code with SQL Server on Linux
  • Working with SQL Operations Studio
  • Using snippets
  • Code deployment using GIT
+ Table of Contents

1 Welcome
2 Tools and techniques

New Features Overview
3 New features – SQL Server 2017 overview
4 Introduction to SQL Graph
5 Querying with SQL Graph
6 Tuning SQL Graph queries
7 Temporal data enhancements
8 String functions in SQL 2017
9 Bulk insert using Azure Blob Storage

Adaptive Query Processing
10 Introduction to adaptive query processing
11 Batch mode adaptive joins
12 Batch mode memory grant feedback
13 Interleaved execution
14 Parameter sniffing overview
15 Automatic tuning

SQL Server on Linux
16 Introduction to SQL Server on Linux
17 Getting started with Docker containers and SQL
18 SQL Server on Linux development
19 Deploying CLR code with SQL Server on Linux
20 Command-line tools on Linux
21 SQL Server Agent on Linux

SQL Server Operations Studio
22 Getting started with SQL Operations Studio
23 Using snippets
24 Code deployment using GIT

25 Next steps

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