Learning Programmatic Access to MongoDB

Learning Programmatic Access to MongoDB
Learning Programmatic Access to MongoDB

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Design and code a reusable MongoDB class in Python and PHP and generate the necessary queries, filters, and projections for all CRUD operations, including sorting and pagination!

MongoDB makes it possible to store and process large sets of data in ways that increase business value. The flexibility of unstructured, schema-less, storage, combined with robust querying and post-processing, makes MongoDB a compelling solution for enterprise big data needs.

In this product, we’ll demonstrate how to use two popular programming languages (Python, PHP) to connect to MongoDB databases and manipulate their contents via the use of the CRUD commands we covered in Program 2.

Instead of developing a basic application of limited functionality, we’re going to develop a MongoDB class that encapsulates all the CRUD functionality in methods. As a reusable class, you’re now free to incorporate your class into any application. Additionally, you can continue to add more functionality to your class, tailoring it to your precise requirements.

Taking this course will help you learn how to access MongoDB in both PHP 7.2 and Python 3.6 while still being able to execute CRUD commands in each language. You will also learn how to deal with exception handling for MongoDB API calls and add filters and projections to your queries. You will also populate your data structures with data fetched from MongoDB using cursors.

We’ll build a MongoDB class (object) that provides a convenient and efficient interface to MongoDB via the programming drivers/modules for PHP/Python, respectively.

What You Will Learn

  • How to connect to a MongoDB resource for discreet write/read requests via the API
  • Connecting securely with a user or administrative account via the API CRUD
  • Writing queries to the API and processing returned data
  • Advanced queries: projections, discriminants, pagination, and aggregation
  • Debugging your MongoDB applications
  • How to connect using a user-account (RBAC) and how to connect over SSL/TLS using self-generated certificates
  • How to generate the root, intermediate, server and client SSL certificates necessary for establishing a secure connection over SSL/TLS to the mongoDB instance.