Learning MongoDB 4: Learn MongoDB 4.0 and all its latest features from scratch

Learning MongoDB 4: Learn MongoDB 4.0 and all its latest features from scratch
Learning MongoDB 4: Learn MongoDB 4.0 and all its latest features from scratch

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A beginner’s guide to performing queries, indexing, replication, and backup with MongoDB 4.0

When it comes to managing a heavy volume of unstructured and non-relational datasets, MongoDB has become the de facto database management system for DBAs and data architects.

This video teaches all you need to know about building a MongoDB database application with hands-on knowledge of every aspect of MongoDB 4.0 such as indexes, objectives, data modeling, authentication, relationships, expressions, replication, and more. This course will help you design and implement, and then monitor and secure, MongoDB database systems. With real-world examples, you will gain confidence in working with indexes, queries, and regular database operations. You also will master techniques such as aggregation, text searching, custom aggregations, and reporting.

By the end of the course, and after getting hands-on with all its latest features, you will be completely familiar with MongoDB 4.0.

Definitive guide to building powerful and scalable databases with real industry datasets

Design NoSQL schemas with the latest release, MongoDB 4.0

Explore the ins and out of MongoDB such as indexes, queries, standard DB operations, and various DBA administration tasks


  • Use MongoDB to its full potential in future projects
  • Write efficient and well-performing queries to fetch data in the format you need it in
  • Use all the features MongoDB offers and work with data efficiently
  • Understand the MongoDB structure: databases, collections, and documents
  • Learn how the MongoDB server is managed using MongoDB Shell
  • Practice inserting documents into collections
  • Master the aggregation framework, MongoDB utilities, and indexes
  • Understand the purpose of the external MongoDB driver
+ Table of Contents

Getting Started with MongoDB
1 The Course Overview
2 Introducing MongoDB
3 Installing MongoDB on Windows
4 Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu
5 Installing Compass GUI on MongoDB 4.0

MongoDB Data Structures
6 Understanding NoSQL
7 Documents, Collections, and Databases
8 Building Document Structure
9 Data Modeling Considerations

Exploring the MongoDB Shell
10 Understanding the MongoDB Shell
11 Performing Simple Queries Using the MongoDB Shell
12 Creating, Updating, and Deleting Data Using the MongoDB Shell
13 Creating and Running Shell Scripts

Building Complex Queries
14 Using Single-Purpose Aggregation
15 Using the Aggregation Pipeline
16 Using the MongoDB Compass Aggregation Pipeline Builder
17 Executing Queries Using PyMongo

Performance and Maintenance
18 Creating Index and Viewing Plans of Queries
19 Simple Backup and Restore
20 Replication
21 Sharding

Securing MongoDB
22 Overview of MongoDB Security
23 Role Based Access Control
24 Transport Layer Security
25 Security Methods in MongoDB