Learning Full-Stack JavaScript Development: MongoDB, Node and React

Learning Full-Stack JavaScript Development: MongoDB, Node and React

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Learn by doing! Learn full-stack JavaScript development by building a web application with MongoDB, Node.js, and React.js.

Learn how to use Node as a web server and an API server, how to consume data and build user interfaces with React, and how to read and write data with a MongoDB database. React allows you to build full-featured, data-driven applications faster and more efficiently than what is possible with JavaScript alone.

Samer Buna introduces modern JavaScript programming concepts, with an emphasis on functional methods and open-source tools. The lessons are almost completely hands-on, with live coding demonstrations that bring the concepts home.

Topics include:

  • Using modern JavaScript features
  • Configuring webpack and Babel
  • Working with native Node modules
  • Creating an Express server
  • Working with React components and JSX
  • Loading and working with test mock data
  • Fetching data from a remote API
  • Working with data in MongoDB
  • Isomorphic rendering on the server
  • Front-end routing and back-end routing
Table of Contents

Course overview
What this course covers

1. Getting Started
Modern JavaScript
Setup and configurations

2. Node as a Web Server
Node modules
The HTTP-HTTPS modules
Creating an Express server
Using the EJS template language

3. React Basics
React elements and JSX
React components
Component composability
Components with modules
Component state
Component life cycle

4. Working with Data
Loading the test data
Displaying a list of objects
Using Sass with Node
Reading from the state
Fetching data from a remote API

5. Rendering on the Server
Fetching data from the server side
Server rendering with ReactDOMServer
Fix the checksum problem

6. Routing on Client and Server
Handling the contest click event
Navigating to a contest
Looking up the contest on route change
Fetching contest information from the API
A bit of refactoring
Server-side routing for a contest
Navigating to a list of contests
Handling the browser’s back button

7. Working with MongoDB
Reading data from MongoDB
API to fetch a list of names
Displaying the list of names
Example script to update all data
Converting the application to use _id
Creating an API to propose a name
Wiring the proposed new name form
Challenges and QA
Alternatives – MERN and Electrode