Learning Full Stack Development

Learning Full Stack Development

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Understand the fundamentals of full stack web development

This course covers the fundamentals of the baseline technologies that you need to know in order to become a full stack web developer. By the end of this course you will know how to work with: NPM, Node.js,

Express.js, and MongoDB, and you will be ready to choose a front-end technology, such as Angular, for the MEAN stack, or React. Web development is evolving rapidly and developers need to know a much greater variety of technologies than they did historically. Whilst in the past you could specialize in a single area, such as client side development, modern web developers are expected to have an understanding of all areas and how they fit together. This 360-degree approach is known as full stack web development—a bundling of core technologies on the client and server side that provides an end-to-end web development solution. Through this course, you will become familiar with the standard set of core technologies behind modern full stack development, and you will learn the skills required to become competent and comfortable in all these environments. This course assumes you know JavaScript but does not assume you know any other technology. One of the biggest issues with most videos and titles on full stack development is that they assume too many things about the student. This title is the “Critical mass,” the one course that will open your eyes to the world of full stack development.

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of full stack development
  • Learn how to get the most from Node.js and server-side JavaScript
  • Use the NPM (Node Package Manager) to add and remove packages and create your own
  • Create a basic web server
  • Understand routing with Express.js
  • Learn about modern NoSQL databases using MongoDB
Table of Contents

Setting Up Node.js and NPM
Getting a Different Version on Linux
Installing Node.js and NPM on Your Desktop
Setting Up Node.js and NPM on Linux
The Course Overview

Getting to Know NPM
Declaring NPM Packages with package.json
Installing and Uninstalling Global Packages
Understanding Global and Local Packages
Updating Your NPM Version
Version Controlling Packages

Configuring a Basic Server
Loading Packages and Using Modules
The Node.js Hello World
Using http-server as a Quick Server Solution
What Makes Node.js Different Than Other Server-Side Languages?

Creating a Middleware in Express.js
Enabling Static Files
Responding with Static Files
Routing with Express
Starting Up an Express.js Server
Using Express Generator
Using Middleware in Express.js

MongoDB and Beyond
Adding Is Great, But How Do You Find Things-
Creating a Mongo Database
Deleting Documents, Collections, and Databases
Finding Complicated Things with Operators
Inserting Collections and Documents
Installing MongoDB