Master Software Testing+Jira+Agile on Live App-Be a TeamLead

Master Software Testing+Jira+Agile on Live App-Be a TeamLead
Master Software Testing+Jira+Agile on Live App-Be a TeamLead

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

2019 BEST job oriented Software Testing course on real time Project+Interview ques+Resume Prep+ Lifetime Support

Gain 7+ Years Real time experience as a ( Team/QA Lead) level by just following through this course
“One Single Course to Master everything in Software World.” Learn on Agile Scrum Practices, Software Development Life cycle, QA Process, Software Testing methodologies , and Project management tools like Jira, Bugzilla etc.

Are you struggling to know what happens in Software World to deliver the Project?
Do you want to gain the Project Lead level skills with out any prior real time experience?
If YES this course is right choice for you!
I will also be your Life time mentor in giving you right directions for your Project needs.

How this Course is Organized?

Below are the topics we will focus on section wise. And there is very much depth discussion on each topic below

  • Understand how Software Projects is handling in Agile Environments
  • We shall be using Jira (Project tracking tool) to demonstrate the process
  • How Software Testing is handled in traditional software development life cycle.
  • Get familiar with different types of Testing available and their usage in real time projects
  • Thorough Understanding of Jira and Bugzilla tool for Project Management
  • How to write Edge Testcases with out of box thinking and understand the process of Defect life cycle
  • SQL Basics

And below are the keywords which you will come across and learn in this course

  • Software Testing
  • Agile Scrum
  • Agile Kanban
  • SDLC
  • Water fall model
  • Out of box thinking in designing Testcases
  • Test plan
  • Testing types and their usage
  • Real time project demonstration End to end on Jira tool
  • Bugzilla
  • Defect Life cycle
  • Test Plan Design
  • Scrum Master skills
  • SQL
  • Test Driven and Behavioral Driven development
+ Table of Contents

1 Course FAQ’s (Must watch)
2 Course WalkThrough

part 1- Agile Scrum with Jira tool – Real time Project Demo
3 Getting started with the project to work on
4 Download and Install Jira
5 Create Agile Scrum Project in Jira and Understand Epics
6 What are User stories in Agile And how different they are from Epics
7 Create epics and User stories in Jira
8 What are components,Release versions and and how they are created in Jira
9 Defining Userstory Description to reflect Business value

part 2- Agile Scrum with Jira tool – Real time Project Demo
10 What is Backlog refinement meetingGrooming in Agile Scrum
11 Creating Subtasks and Defining Acceptance criteria in Jira for Userstories
12 What is Sprint and its importance in Agile Scrum
13 Exploring Scrum board and workflow in Jira
14 Creating Bugs and Checking Sprint reports in Jira
15 Importance of Retrospective in Agile Scrum Practise
16 What is Kan ban Board in Agile

Software Testing Process
17 Important Note about this Section
18 How to evaluate exit Criteria to signoff the project
19 Test closure activities Preparing status reports(Must watch)
20 download Notes
21 Importance of Testing in Software Industry
22 Different types of Testing roles
23 Different Phases of Testing
24 QA Role in Planning and Control phase
25 Different types of Test Planning Activities
26 QA Role in Analysis and Design Phase
27 How to analyse Business requirements
28 QA Role in Implementation and Execution phase

Think and Write Effective Testcases in Industry Standards
29 Important Note about this Section
30 Understanding Testcase Template
31 Facebook example on creating Testcases
32 Factors need to consider in writing Testcase
33 How to think in out of box to test Application
34 How to bring out Negative Testing scenarios in application
35 Importance of Defect ID and Testcase Status
36 Download Notes

Types of testing-Understand real time usage
37 What is Regression testing and when do we need it
38 What is SmokeSanity Testing How important it is in build process
39 Difference between Integration and Component Testing
40 Verification and validation
41 Load Testing and Stress Testing
42 Lecture Notes

Test Pyramid Strategies
43 How to Perform Smart Testing with faster execution time
44 Test Pyramid Strategy case study

Functional&Non Functional Requirements Testing scope
45 Understand difference between Functional and Non Functional reqs
46 Differences between Blackbox and whitebox Testing

WaterFall and Iterative Models Process in Software Industry
47 Waterfall Model Strategies
48 Iterative model Process
49 Important Note

Behaviour Driven development (BDD) Approach in Agile Projects
50 What is BDD
51 QA role in BDD
52 Template in writing testcases for Business Scenarios
53 Advantages of BDD, Why it is getting popular
54 BDD documentation download

Bugzilla – Testing tool for Defect Tracking
55 Defect Management tool- Bugzilla
56 Bugzilla features- Logging a bug
57 Bugzilla features -Search Mechanisim for tracking bugs
58 Common practises in Bugzilla tool
59 Bugzilla preference feature

Introduction to SQL Queries
60 Introduction to SQL and MySQL
61 Logical operators on Queries AND OR – 1
62 Logical operators ‘In’ ‘Between’- 2
63 Regular expressions Introduction
64 Wild cards usage in Qeuries -1
65 Downloading MySQL server with workbench
66 Overview of SQL Editor with basic features
67 creating Database and pointing to it
68 Creating Tables in database
69 Inserting records into Table
70 Retrieving records from the Table
71 Select Distinct keyword in queris
72 SQL WHERE command usage

SQL Injection
73 What is SQL Injecting
74 How to identify SQL loop holes in web application
75 Exposing Security loop holes with malcious SQL syntax
76 List of urls Pattern which can cause attack with SQL
77 Material for reference

Unix Shell scripting Material
78 Bonus Lecture- Discount coupons for other courses