Learn jQuery Essentials LiveLessons

Learn jQuery Essentials LiveLessons

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Learn jQuery Essentials LiveLessons teaches you how to create interactive, performant websites without a framework, as well as how to query and manipulate web page content. Instructor Shaun Wassell shows you how jQuery can help you handle web page events such as clicks, typing, and more in an easy, intuitive way.

jQuery is a time-tested tool for making web pages interactive. When developers think about front-end development, they think of frameworks, like React. But for everyday use cases, learning React or Angular just to make webpages interactive would be like using a bulldozer to move a handful of rocks. The fact is that most developers aren’t going to be building huge, intricate web applications with millions of users, so learning an entire front-end framework can be overkill. jQuery, on the other hand, provides a straightforward way to do nearly all of these things.

Full Stack expert Shaun Wassell teaches JavaScript developers how to use jQuery to create interactive web pages.

You’ll get to:

  • Use jQuery to manipulate webpages and make them interactive
  • Load data from web APIs using AJAX
  • Master using jQuery selectors to select DOM elements
  • Handle events to create interactive interfaces

In addition, you’ll explore advanced features, such as:

  • DOM traversal
  • Animation effects
  • jQuery extensions
Table of Contents

1 Learn jQuery Essentials – Introduction
2 Learning objectives
3 Learn jQuery basics and project setup
4 Select basic DOM elements
5 Use more complex selectors
6 Learn about element attributes
7 Learning objectives
8 Insert DOM elements into a page
9 Remove and replace DOM elements
10 Modify DOM elements
11 Learning objectives
12 Learn basic event handler syntax
13 Learn the basic browser and document events
14 Use Mouse and Keyboard events
15 Learn about the Event object
16 Work with forms
17 Learning objectives
18 Learn basic AJAX syntax
19 Load data from an API
20 Update data on an API
21 Create a simple ‘to-do’ list
22 Learning objectives
23 Hide and show elements
24 Animate CSS attributes
25 Learn shortcut animation methods
26 Get the dimensions of DOM elements
27 Learning objectives
28 Learn the basic methods
29 Traverse a web page
30 Learn jQuery Essentials – Summary