Learn CSS Web Design & Development Beginner CSS introduction

Learn CSS Web Design & Development Beginner CSS introduction
Learn CSS Web Design & Development Beginner CSS introduction

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CSS masterclass learn how to apply styling to HTML elements

Learning how to apply CSS to your HTML it will bring your web content to life!

Learn about CSS. Cascading Style Sheets is one of the main building blocks of web content online. Its used everywhere to add styling to plain HTML. Applying CSS is easy to get started with updating your plain HTML code. Everything you need to get started with CSS is provided within this course.

Bring your web content to life with CSS. This course will show you the syntax used within CSS and help you better understand where to apply the properties and values. Whether you are a beginner or want to update your skills, this course is for YOU!

CSS is designed to save you time and we show you how to use it effectively to achieve results.

Explore what the different CSS properties can do. Expand your knowledge of CSS and learn what can be done with Cascading Style Sheets . Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation of elements within an HTML page. This course is designed to help you learn how to use CSS within your web pages.

Learn What CSS is and how YOU can use it!

  • Explore How to add CSS to your websites
  • Add styling with colors to fonts and backgrounds
  • Learn about the Box Model
  • Find more about How Padding, Borders, and margins work
  • Update your height and width and dimensions
  • Basics of displaying content with CSS
  • Explore the use of floats to create multiple column sites and pages

All about CSS positioning everything is included to get you started quickly!

Learning the CSS fundamentals will help you develop the core skills to apply styling to your HTML content.

+ Table of Contents

Introduction to CSS
1 Introduction to CSS course content
2 CSS course resources
3 Websites with and without CSS
4 How to add CSS to HTML Pages
5 Making selections CSS inspector
6 Divs and spans content selection
7 CSS selection id tag class
8 Colors HEX RGB RGBA values
9 CSS named color values
10 CSS background images
11 CSS background shorthand statement
12 Code Sample Backgrounds
13 CSS borders shorthand
14 CSS border Outline
15 Code Sample Borders
16 CSS Margins
17 CSS padding
18 CSS Box Model Dev Tools
19 Box Model Code Example
20 CSS height and Width
21 Box Model Challenge
22 Box Model Challenge Source
23 Auto Margins Center your elements CSS
24 CSS font property
25 CSS Text property
26 Chrome dev tools editors and options
27 Adding Font families Google Fonts
28 Line Height CSS
29 CSS letter spacing
30 Code examples Fonts text and letters
31 CSS links
32 CSS table styling
33 Display and Hiding elements CSS
34 Code samples
35 Display Inline 4 squares Challenge
36 Display Inline 4 squares Solution
37 CSS position Properties
38 DevTools Design Tips
39 Code Example position
40 Coding Challenge Make a NavBar from an unordered list
41 NavBar start code
42 Code Challenge Solution
43 Source Code Code NavBar CSS
44 Source Example Code
45 CSS links and Resources

Using CSS to build webpage layouts
46 Floats section introduction
47 More about Floats
48 intro to floats
49 CSS Float images inline with text
50 CSS float thumbnails
51 Source Code Thumbnails
52 HTML build basic page layout CSS
53 column CSS site
54 Create a 2 column page layout in minutes
55 column source code
56 Create 3 column webpage
57 column height background color fix
58 Source Code 3 Column Website

Advanced CSS
59 CSS Combinators
60 CSS Pseudo Classes
61 Source Code examples
62 CSS Pseudo Elements
63 Source Code
64 CSS Selectors by attributes
65 Selector example code
66 CSS Media Queries secret to responsive design
67 Media query source code

Do more with your CSS
68 Multiple Background Images CSS
69 Element box properties CSS
70 More border options CSS3
71 Source Code Example
72 background gradients CSS
73 Code sample
74 CSS3 Animation
75 Animation example code

Apply CSS create a website
76 HTML build a basic website structure with HTML
77 Apply CSS build a navbar
78 Build 2 Column main content area CSS
79 Sidemenu links hover CSS
80 CSS website tweak
81 Website source Code

Course Resources
82 CSS resources

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