Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects

Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects
Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects

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Master the craft of WordPress theme development by creating project based themes

WordPress has revolutionized the way we build websites. No more tedious long coding practices, but rather you can now select or unselect the items you want on your website. The more complex the website, the simpler the codes.

Although creating a website in today’s day and age has become easier, making it unique and different has become even more difficult. If you don’t want your website to become lost in the sea of websites, you will have to make it stand out.

WordPress Themes are one way you can do that, the more interactive and interesting your website is, the more attention it will garner. WordPress websites are currently some of the most popular websites on the internet. If you have a basic idea of how to code or know how write in PHP, HTML5 and CSS, well then this course can definitely get you started on your road to creating fantastic new themes for your next website. Do you want to learn WordPress Themes?

The course will combine your basic knowledge of HTML 5, CSS and PHP and will show you how you use the different APIs and widgets from WordPress to create awesome new themes. The WP Themes course will cover functions such as PostLoop, Hook/Actions, Widgets, WP_Query, Theme Customizer API, and WordPress Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Ink, Gridism and W3.

Not only will you learn the theory behind the technology, but you will also build 10 different responsive website themes also with the instructor including bootstrap websites. He will break down the each theme step by step, and will help you learn how to incorporate the different WordPress functions into your website to make it shine.

The 10 different projects will include: Simple Theme, Advance Theme, Photo Gallery, Wordstrap, Ecommerce Theme, Business Theme, Cleancut Theme, WPNews, FourCorners, and Dynamo Theme.

The first theme will cover the basic fundamentals such as how to write the syntax and create the file structure. Every theme after that will include more complex design principles and will use the functions mentioned above.

No more boring theory based learning, no lectures that drone on. Here’s a comprehensive lecture that will make learning fun again. You will not only learn, but actually have fun while learning. With these themes under your belt, you can become a WordPress theme master in no time!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the process of WordPress theme creation
  • Master the design and Programming skills required for creating themes
  • Start making money by selling WordPress themes
  • Learn basic PHP, HTML and CSS required for the theme creation
+ Table of Contents

Course Intro
1 Introduction

Building a Simple Theme
2 Project Intro
3 Installing & Setting Up WordPress
4 Required Files & Head Code.
5 Looping Through Posts
6 Single Post & Thumbnails
7 Pages & Menus
8 Widget Locations & Comments

Creating an Advanced Theme
9 Project Intro
10 Pages, Custom Templates & Sub Navigation
11 Theme Widgets
12 Custom Homepage
13 Comment Functionality
14 HTML Template Part A
15 HTML Template Part B
16 Theme Setup, Navbar & Header
17 Displaying Blog Posts Part A
18 Displaying Blog Posts Part B
19 Archive & Search Results
20 Post Formats Part A
21 Post Formats Part B

Photo Gallery Theme
22 Project Intro
23 Homepage HTML & CSS
24 Animation & Photo Page HTML
25 Theme Header & Footer
26 The Post Loop
27 Displaying Post Content
28 Category Widget & Search
29 Single Post

Wordstrap Theme
30 Project Intro
31 Index, Header and Footer
32 The Post Loop Wordstrap Theme
33 Navbar & Widgets Part A
34 Navbar & Widgets Part B
35 Search & Single Post Page
36 Comment Functionality

Foundation Ecommerce Theme
37 Project Intro
38 Ecommerce HTML Template Part A
39 Ecommerce HTML Template Part B
40 Theme Setup, Logo & Navigation
41 Custom Showcase Widget Plugin
42 Sidebar Widgets Setup
43 Main Product Posts Page
44 Single Product & Single Page

Business Theme
45 Project Intro
46 Single Posts & Comments
47 Business Theme HTML & CSS Part A
48 Business Theme HTML & CSS Part B
49 Business Theme HTML & CSS Part C
50 Navigation and Custom Logo Upload
51 Adding Customizer Sections & Settings
52 Implementing Customizer Settings
53 Theme Widget Positions
54 Blog Index Page

CleanCut Theme
55 Project Intro
56 Single Post & Comments
57 Pages & Sub Navigation
58 Post Formats & Bottom Widget
59 Website HTML Template Part A
60 Website HTML Template Part B
61 Website HTML Template Part C
62 CleanCut Theme Setup & Menu
63 Showcase & Social Customization
64 Banner & Animation Control
65 Blog Posts & Custom Query Part A
66 Blog Posts & Custom Query Part B

WPNews Theme
67 Project Intro
68 Ink HTML Template
69 WPNews Theme Setup & Menu
70 Main Post Loop
71 Custom Query Loops
72 Single Post Page
73 Archive, Search & Pages

FourCorners Theme
74 Project Intro
75 FourCorners HTML Template Part A
76 FourCorners HTML Template Part B
77 FourCorners HTML Template Part C
78 FourCorners Theme Setup
79 Homepage Posts
80 Blog, Archive & Search Pages
81 Single Posts, Pages & Widgets
82 Gallery Posts

Course Summary
83 Summary
84 Bonus Lecture More Interesting Stuff, Offers and Discounts