Kotlin for Java Developers

Kotlin for Java Developers
Kotlin for Java Developers

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Use your Java skills to learn Kotlin fast. Enhance career prospects and master Kotlin, including Java interoperability

Are you a Java developer wondering if you need to learn Kotlin?

Maybe you are an experienced Java developer who wants to learn Kotlin quickly, to be prepared for future project work.

Perhaps instead, you’re an Android app developer who knows Java well, but you want to be able to move forward with Kotlin for new Android development work.

Well, with Google’s recent focus on Kotlin for Android app development, this language has been launched into the mainstream, and you can be sure you will be seeing a lot more about it. It’s also highly likely that you will be working with Kotlin in your Java projects in the near future.

Because Kotlin works anywhere Java works, and can even be called from Java code (and vice-versa), this brings with it a massive opportunity for Java developers. Being able to work with both Java and Kotlin is going to give you a massive advantage over other programmers.

This course was designed to teach Java developers how to use Kotlin in the shortest possible time.

Sarah Ettritch, your course instructor, is an experienced Java and Kotlin developer, with many years of software development experience. She is uniquely qualified to teach you how to use this powerful and exciting language.

While you won’t learn Android app development in this course, you will learn Kotlin, and also the key differences between Kotlin and Java.

There is an entire section dedicated to Java interoperability, which is vital for all Java developers to learn.

In addition, the Kotlin syntax is explored in detail.

Over sixteen hours of videos are included in the course, making it one of the most comprehensive courses on the language.

Now is the perfect time for you to learn Kotlin, while it’s relatively new. It has been around for a while, but only now is it being thrust into the limelight.

It’s absolutely vital for Java developers to learn Kotlin to maximize future career opportunities. Objective-C developers who failed to transition to Swift, or were too slow doing so, were left behind. Don’t make the same mistake they did!

+ Table of Contents

Introduction to the Course
1 Introduction to the course
2 JDK8 Install Windows
3 JDK8 Install Mac
4 JDK8 Install Linux
5 Intellij Windows Install and Configure
6 Intellij Mac Install and Configure
7 Intellij Linux Install and Configure
8 IntelliJ Kotlin Settings

Introduction to Kotlin
9 Introduction to Section 2
10 Introduction to Kotlin
11 The Java Text Adventure Game
12 The Converted Kotlin Text Adventure Game
13 IDEA’s Java to Kotlin Converter

Basic Differences Between Kotlin and Java
14 Introduction to Section 3
15 Hello World from Kotlin
16 The Kotlin Standard Library
17 Variable Declarations in Kotlin
18 How to Create Type Aliases in Kotlin
19 Quick Differences Between Kotlin and Java
20 How Kotlin handles equality differently from Java
21 Bit Operators and Smart Casting in Kotlin
22 String Templates in Kotlin
23 Raw Strings in Kotlin
24 The Kotlin REPL
25 Kotlin Challenges (Round One)

Data Types and Null Reference Handling
26 Introduction to Section 4
27 The Builtin Dataypes in Kotlin
28 Arrays in Kotlin
29 Null References in Kotlin – Part One
30 Null References in Kotlin – Part Two
31 Arrays and Null References
32 Kotlin Challenges (Round Two)

OO and Kotlin_ Classes_ Functions_ Inheritance
33 Introduction to Section 5
34 Kotlin’s Access Modifiers
35 Declaring Classes and Using Constructors in Kotlin
36 Properties and Backing Fields in Kotlin
37 Constants and Data Classes
38 Kotlin Function Basics
39 Extension Functions
40 Inline Functions
41 Inheritance in Kotlin – Part One
42 Inheritance in Kotlin – Part Two
43 Interfaces in Kotlin
44 Singletons in Kotlin
45 Companion Objects in Kotlin
46 Anonymous Objects in Kotlin
47 Enums in Kotlin
48 Imports in Kotlin
49 The Internal Access Modifier
50 Kotlin Challenges (Round Three_ Part 1)
51 Kotlin Challenges (Round Three_ Part 2)

Loops_ and the If_ When_ and Try_Catch Expressions
52 Introduction to Section 6
53 The For Loop
54 The If Expression
55 The When Expression
56 The Try_Catch Expression
57 Kotlin Challenges (Round Four)

Lambda Expressions_ Collections_ and Generics
58 Introduction to Section 7
59 Lambda Expression Basics
60 Lambdas With Receivers
61 Lists
62 Kotlin Collections Functions
63 Maps and Destructuring Declarations
64 Sets in Kotlin
65 More Collections Functions in Kotlin
66 Sequences in Kotlin
67 Generics in Kotlin
68 Generics_ Functions and Erasure
69 Generics_ Reified Parameters in Kotlin
70 Generics_ Covariance
71 Generics_ Contravariance
72 Generics_ Use-Site Variance
73 Kotlin Challenges (Round Five)

File I_O
74 Introduction to Section 8
75 Reading Text Files
76 Reading Binary Files and Try with Resources
77 Walking the File Tree

Java Interoperability
78 Introduction to Section 9
79 Nullability when using Java from Kotlin
80 More about calling Java from Kotlin
81 Calling Kotlin Functions from Java
82 Annotations when calling Kotlin from Java
83 Kotlin Challenges (Round Six)

Course Wrap Up
84 Introduction to Section 10
85 Revisit the Converted Kotlin Text Adventure
86 Kotlin for Java Developers Wrap Up

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