Kotlin Crash Course: Gain Real World Developer Skills Now!

Kotlin Crash Course: Gain Real World Developer Skills Now!

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Become a Kotlin Developer able to create professional programs. Dramatically increase your career options.

We assume you have never programmed before in this course and start from scratch and show you step by step how to download and install the tools, through to writing your first programs, and from there we move to more and more of parts of the Kotlin language that you need to understand.

If you are already a programmer, you will still find value in this course – It’s very common for programmers to want to learn a second or third programming language, and doing so makes you more valuable and opens up career opportunities.

As this is a crash course you can get skilled in Kotlin, fast.

Here is what a student said about another of the instructors courses.

“Above expectations because bunch of other people don’t do as good on this topic. Goran, Congratz, you’ve always done a clear and excellent job. You aren’t lazy. I always take few courses on same topic so i can compare content and quality of explaining, really, thank you.” – cris S.

What version of Kotlin will I learn?

All videos in the course have been recorded using the very latest version of Kotlin. It’s recommended that you follow along with that version, but if you have an older version most of the course should work just fine.

Keep in mind there are constant updates to Kotlin. So if you see a newer version when you are installing it, then use that version.

What will you learn in the course?

You’ll learn the essential Kotlin skills needed to become employable as a Kotlin developer.

  • Creating a Kotlin basic program
  • All about the setting up and running Kotlin programs
  • Data Types, Variables, Conditional Processing, Loops, Classes, Operators, Expressions – all the good stuff.
  • Check out the curriculum on this page for a list of what is covered in the course.

In the course you will work with a lot of Kotlin example code. You will start with Kotlin code that was badly written. You’ll see why it’s bad, and then as you progress through the course, you will improve it and make the code bug free.

This approach, along with smaller snippers of code will help you become a programmer as well as think as a programmer. And as a result you will learn how to get the most out of Kotlin.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the core Kotlin skills needed to apply for Kotlin developer positions in just 15 hours.
  • Have a fundamental understanding of the Kotlin programming language.
  • Understand how to create your own Kotlin programs.
  • Have the skills and understanding of Kotlin to confidently apply for Kotlin programming jobs.
  • Be able to demonstrate industry best practices in the Kotlin code you write.
  • Obtain a solid understanding of what debugging and refactoring is and how to do it.
Table of Contents

Introduction and Course Information
Introduction to the course
What is Kotlin
Install JDK 17 for Windows
Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows
Install JDK 11 for Mac
Installing Intellij IDEA for Mac
Install JDK 11 for Linux
Installing Intellij IDEA for Linux
Configuring IntelliJ IDEA – WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX
Creating a Kotlin Project In Intellij
Structure of a Kotlin Program
Dot Notation
Introduction to the Kotlin Language

Starting to Code
Using Var vs Explicit Type
Why Use Variables
Naming Convention
Naming Convention Challenge
Challenge Solution

Writing to and reading from the console
Console Input With NextLine
Reading Input in the Hammurabi Game
Console Input Text And Numbers
Reading Numbers In Hammurabi
Console Output And String Interpolation
String Format Alignment
More About String Formatting

Kotlin types and expressions
Basic Data Types
Int And Long
Floating Point Types
Float And Double Precision
Floating Point Types BigDecimal
BigDecimal Accuracy
Boolean Expressions
Compound Boolean Expressions
Boolean Variables
Booleans In Hammer Bitcoin
Solution To Boolean Expressions Challenge
Classes And Objects
Class Instances
Class Constructors Initializers
Public And Private Members

Flow control
Kotlin Documentation
For Loops
The Intellij Debugger
More on For Loops
Nested For Loops
Using Debugger With HammerBitcoin
For Loops In Eliza Is Silly
Understanding More About Eliza
While Loops
Challenge Solution
Which Way Is Better
Do While
Solution To the Do While Challenge

Flow control ifelse and when
If Statement
Else Clause
More If And Else
If Else Challenge
Challenge Solution
Solution To The Play Again Challenge
When Statement
Else Case
Handling Multiple Cases
Break Statement
Continue Statement
Scope Of Break And Continue
Using If As Expression
If And When Expression In HammerBitcoin
Challenge Solution

Flow control – methods
Calling Functions
Functions Calling Functions
Method Parameters
Solution To Parameter Challenge
Solution To Brake Challenge
Simple Car Game Version 1
Adding Libraries
Simple Car Game Version 2
Public And Private Methods
Returning Result From Method
Duplicating Code Is Bad
Refactoring To Remove Duplicate Code
Parameters Or Passing By Value
Global Variables
Refactoring Challenge
Challenge Solution
Variable Scope
Removing Global Variables
Scope Summary And Challenge
Solution To Challenge
Solution Continued

Operators And Operator Precedence
Primary Operators
Avoid Post Pre Operators In Expressions
Operator Precedence
Using The Remainder Operator
Remainder In Rock Paper Scissors
Relational And Conditional Operators
Short Circuit Evaluation
Assignment Operators

Dealing with Strings
What Is A String
String Length
Case Insensitive IndexOf
LastIndexOf And Repeated Matches
Processing Matches Substring Replace
Contains – Startswith – Endswith
String Equality
Value And Reference Types
Strings Are Immutable
StringBuilder Class
Reference Types Part 2
Equality And Reference Types
Append Delete And Method Chain
Challenge Solution
More About Method Chaining
Introduction To Overloading Methods
More Method Overloads
Searching For Text In StringBuilder

OOP And Classes
Setting Up The Airport
Class Diagrams
Class Members
Constructors And Fields
Properties Getters And Setters
Why Use Getters And Setters
The Single Responsibility Principle
More About Properties Getters And Setters
Units Challenge
Units Solution
Back To The Airport
Create Airport Instance
Error Messages
Inheritance Introduction
The Base Class Constructor
Solution To The First Inheritance Challenge
Inheritance And Hierarchy

Extra Information – Source code, and other stuff
Source Codes