Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers

Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers
Job Interview Strategies for UX Designers

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UX design job interviews evaluate a candidate’s creative aptitude and talent for design thinking. As a result, they often contain elements (whiteboarding exercises, portfolio reviews, and so on) that distinguish them from more traditional job interviews. In this course, learn what to expect in your next UX design job interview and how to approach each stage with confidence. Throughout the course, instructor Diane Cronenwett shares her insights as both a designer and hiring design manager, walking you through each step of the interview process. Diane explains how to prepare for each facet of your interview, from the prescreen process to the post-interview check-in with your recruiter. Plus, review common interview questions, learn about the key elements of a UX design exercise, and more.

Topics include:

  • Different UX career options
  • Acing your phone interview with the hiring manager
  • Tackling a design exercise
  • Tips for presenting your portfolio
  • How to approach a whiteboarding exercise
  • Interviewing with a design teammate and the product manager
  • Evaluating the offer
+ Table of Contents

1 UX design interviews are different

Overview of UX Interviews
2 UX career options
3 The UX interview process

Prescreen and Phone Interviews
4 Recruiters and referrals
5 Recruiter prescreen
6 Manager phone interview
7 Design exercise

Preparing for Your Interview
8 Research the company
9 Research the team
10 Common interview questions
11 Learning break

Interview Day
12 Portfolio presentation
13 Tips for presenting your portfolio
14 Whiteboarding exercise
15 Design teammate interview
16 Product manager interview
17 Engineer interview
18 Hiring manager interview

19 Recruiter check-in
20 Evaluating the offer

21 Applying for the next job