Javascript Specialist

Javascript Specialist
Javascript Specialist

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Javascript has become the most important language you can learn

Years ago, you could produce a web site with HTML alone. Now, Javascript is a critical technology that makes not just interactive web sites– but full web applications. Modern sites don’t just display data but generally help users complete tasks such as making a reservation or buy an item.

Javascript is a critical part of these transactions. Handling everything from dynamic screen content to interacting with remote servers, every developer needs Javascript.

And, Javascript is not just a web language any more. Due to related technologies like Node and Phone Gap Javascript can now be used in web development (client and server side) and mobile development.

This is only part of the reason that Javascript is THE language to know.

FACT: Javascript is the most desired skill among those who hire new (junior) developers

(This means that Javascript skills– and certification– may just be your key to a job).

If you’re reading this we don’t have to sell you upon becoming a developer. You already know it’s one of the most lucrative (and fastest growing) career tracks out there– no degree required.

What Will I Learn to Do with Javascript?

Javascript is a powerful language.

Here are just a few of things you can do with Javascript–

  • Create applications that are constantly updated via a web service. Stock market, weather, and transportation apps work with web services to provide users with current information.
  • Create apps that take advantage of the HTML5 canvas which allows data visualizations, animations and even gaming!
  • Create applications with reactive interfaces that provide users with an optimized experience.
  • It’s tasks like this that make Javascript critical for developers. Javascript is essential to just about any project that appears on the web or in mobile.

This is where you can separate yourself from the average developer.

As a Designated Javascript Specialist, you are qualified to create, maintain and edit Javascript code. You’ll be able to help development teams create relevant, reactive web and mobile applications or even create applications on your own.

In this certification program you’ll learn:

  • How to Output to the console
  • How to output content to the browser window by manipulating the DOM
  • The getElementById() command
  • How to use variables in Javascript
  • Arithmetic with Javascript
  • The proper use of Javascript Operators
  • How to use Number Functions
  • Using Booleans
  • How programs make decisions with conditionals
  • If Statements and If… Else Statements
  • Nested If Statements
  • How to use the Javascript Switch statement
  • For Loops, While Loops, Do…While Loops
  • For…In Loops, Endless Loops, Break and Continue Statements
  • Javascript Simple Functions, Function Parameters, Functions that Return a Value
  • Coding for Javascript Events and Call back Functions
  • Javascript Dialog Boxes
  • Creating Javascript Arrays
  • Looping Through Arrays
  • Javscript Strings and String Functions to process text
  • Javascript Date Functions
  • Processing text with Javascript Regular Expressions
  • Working with the Browser DOM
  • Accessing Web Services with the xmlHTTPRequest() Object
  • Making Requests and Parameterized Requests
  • Working with Returned Text Content
  • Working with Returned XML Content
  • Understanding JSON notation and Parsing JSON content
  • Using Generic Javascript Objects
  • Working with the Javascript Audio and Video API
  • 2D Drawing, the Canvas and Javascript
  • Faux Multithreading with Javaascript
  • Custom Objects and OOP with Javascript
  • How Does the Certification Program Work?
+ Table of Contents

01 Why should i take this course
02 Writing your first Javascript program- Quick start
03 Where to put Javascript code
04 The window.onload Function
05 Output to the Console
06 Output to Browser
07 Understanding getElementById()
08 Section Introduction
09 Declaring and initializing variables
10 Types of Javascript Variables
11 Operators and Arithmetic in Javascript
12 Javascript Math Functions
13 It’s True! You Can Understand Booleans
14 Javascript Guessing Game
15 Section Introduction Conditionals
16 If statements
17 If…Else Statements
18 If and Else If
19 Nested If Statements
20 Javascript Switch Statement
21 Javascript Program – Calculating Bonuses
22 Section Introduction Loops
23 While Loops
24 Do…While Loops
25 For Loops
26 For…In Loops
27 Endless Loops
28 Break and Continue Statements
29 Javascript Program – Calculating Simple Interest
30 Introduction to Functions
31 Defining a Simple Function
32 Function Parameters
33 The Return Statement
34 Anonymous Functions
35 Section Introduction Events
36 Mouse Events
37 Keyboard Events
38 Form Events
39 The Event Object
40 Section Introduction Dialog Boxes
41 Alert Dialogs
42 Confirm Dialogs
43 Prompt Dialogs
44 Section Introduction Array
45 Declaring Arrays
46 Accessing and Editing Array Elements
47 Looping Through Arrays
48 Array Functions
49 Section Introduction to Strings
50 charAt(), includes() and indexOf()
51 search() and replace()
52 slice(), split() and substr()
53 Section Introduction
54 Getting Current Date and Time
55 Setting a Custom Date and Time
56 More Date and Time Functions
57 Section Introduction – Regular Expressions
58 Understanding Regular Expressions
59 Testing for Matches
60 Search and Replace with RegEx
61 Section Introduction DOM Elements
62 getElementById() and innerHTML
63 Changing DOM Elements
64 Adding and Deleting Elements
65 Locating Elements
66 Section Introduction Services
67 xmlHttpRequest() Object
68 Making get Requests
69 Making post Requests
70 Working with text content
71 Working with XML content
72 Section Introduction to JSON
73 Understanding JSON Notation
74 Obtaining JSON Content from a Service
75 Parsing JSON Content
76 Section Introduction Applied Javascript Examples
77 Drawing on a Canvas
78 Geolocation
79 Section Introduction
80 Custom Objects
81 Javascript Classes

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