JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners

JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners
JavaScript programming: JavaScript for beginners

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eLearning | Skill level: Beginner

Learn by doing JavaScript exercises and JavaScript coding projects. JavaScript beginner guide to programming concepts.

JavaScript is the language that powers the web, from great user interface experiences to powerful applications like gmail and google docs, to server scripts and even chips. JavaScript is everywhere. Just imagine the possibilities you’ll be given with knowledge of JavaScript.

But first you need to get started. You need the right foundations. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, I’ll explain every concept used.

We’ll be doing lots of practical exercise and projects and I’ll give a review to every exercise or project you will build. So we’ll work hand in hand.

To become an expert you’ll need hours and hours of hard work. And having solid foundation will help you become one faster. From this course you will take the knowledge about programming, the knowledge you can also apply to other programming languages. And lots of JavaScript related features. We’ll be doing lots of exercises and projects. I’ll give you JavaScript challenges and prepare you for more advances topics.

What we’ll cover:

  • how we can use JavaScript, what is a JavaScript program
  • you’ll make your first steps in JavaScript and first exercises
  • you’ll understand JavaScript variables
  • make exercises with JavaScript variables
  • you’ll understand JavaScript variable types
  • We’ll go deeper into strings, string methods, numbers and number methods
  • You’ll make fun exercises and simple projects with these methods
  • We’ll cover more about the syntax and the good practices in JavaScript
  • You’ll be debugging JavaScript projects
  • You’ll be making decisions in JavaScript
  • You’ll learn about JavaScript loops
  • Understand the JavaScript arrays
  • You’ll start using JavaScript functions
  • And you wil practice, practice, practice
  • In each section there will be fun and engaging quizes and projects to build

Table of Contents

Start Here
1 Introduction
2 When and why is JavaScript useful
3 JavaScript coding exercises 1
4 JavaScript coding exercises 2
5 JavaScript coding exercises introduction

First steps in JavaScript
6 First steps in JavaScript – Introduction
7 JavaScript programs
8 First steps in JavaScript
First steps in JavaScript quiz

Javascript programming basics
9 JavaScript programming basics – Introduction
10 Javascript programming basics variables
11 Javascript programming basics variable names
12 Javascript programming basics variable types
13 Javascript programming basics strings
14 Javascript programming basics string methods
15 Javascript programming basics numbers
16 Javascript programming basics a number that is not a number
17 Javascript programming basics number methods – Part 1
18 Javascript programming basics number methods – Part 2
Create a variable myName
Lifes great
Strings in JavaScript
Where is Safari
Selling cars pays of Calculate the profit
Body weight calculator
Javascript programming basics quiz
Make a userName from userId and lastName

More about JavaScript and how to use it
19 More about JavaScript – Introduction
20 JavaScript syntax
21 User input – lets start talk to people
22 JavaScript in browser
23 Add JavaScript to page
24 JavaScript coding exercises more about JavaScript
25 JavaScript coding exercises solution meaningOfLife
26 JavaScript coding exercises solution storyOfJavaScript
More about Javascript quiz
Buying a dress for your wife. Find syntax errors in a program.

Making decisions in JavaScript
27 Making decisions in JavaScript – Introduction
28 Making decisions in JavaScript Part 1
29 Making decisions in JavaScript Part 2
30 JavaScript coding exercises making decisions in JavaScript
31 JavaScript coding exercise solved guessNumberProgram
32 JavaScript coding exercise solved whoAreYou
33 JavaScript coding exercise solved largerNumber
34 JavaScript coding exercise solved sort3numbers
Making decisions in JavaScript quiz
Biggest number
Admin login evaluation

JavaScript loops – doing the same thing over and over again
35 JavaScript loops – Introduction
36 JavaScript loops
37 While loop
38 JavaScript coding exercises JavaScript Loops
JavaScript loops quiz
Withdrawal money from your bank account
Numbers from 1 to 10
Eat ice cream until is all gone

JavaScript arrays
39 JavaScript arrays – Introduction
40 JavaScript arrays
41 JavaScript array indices
42 JavaScript array length
43 JavaScript array methods
44 Lets loop through an array
Array of Integers
Cars – array indices
Log to thyself I can do it
Join colors
JavaScript arrays quiz
Log two dimensional array.

Functions in JavaScript
45 Intro to functions
46 JavaScript functions basics
47 Passing parameters – give information to functions PART 1
48 Passing parameters – give information to functions PART 2
49 Functions return information
50 Variable Scope
Function quiz
Return a parameter
Scope quiz
Calculator function

Coding Challenge Facebook-like quote review app
51 Build a Facebook-like quote review app the JavaScript challenge
52 Facebook-like quote review app solution

Object oriented programming
53 Object oriented programming in JavaScript – introduction
54 What is object oriented anyway
55 Object methods in JavaScript
56 Object example
57 Object types in JavaScript
58 Object literals in JavaScript
59 Properties – not so obvious
60 Add a method to an object
61 Understanding this in JavaScript
62 Improve a method
63 Coding exercise add fuel
64 Passing objects to functions
65 Object methods – extra
66 Coding exercise me as object
67 Coding exercise music
JavaScript object types quiz
JavaScript object properties quiz

Conclusion Bonus lecture
68 Conclusion
69 Bonus Lecture Discount coupons for my students