Java Web Service Complete Guide – SOAP + REST + Buide App

Java Web Service Complete Guide – SOAP + REST + Buide App
Java Web Service Complete Guide – SOAP + REST + Buide App

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Make Own App + Develop Java Web Services with RESTful API and SOAP in just 1 week. JSON, Maven, JAX-WS

Are you interested in realizing the power of Web Services to bring applications running on various platforms and languages together ,but find the topic a little cryptic.

Do you want to build loosely coupled applications which are scalable and reusable but could not find a simple and easy to learn guide?

This course will simplify things with concepts and step by step implementations . By the end of it you will:

  1. Understand the advantages of Web Services and their building blocks
  2. Demystify the complex topics like WSDL and Web Services Design
  3. Implement Top Down and Bottom Up Web Services
  4. Learn about the various web service standards
  5. Learn writing web services consumers and also a quick intro to test your web services using SoapUI
  6. Use the WS-Security standard to secure your services
  7. Master the REST web services concepts and design
  8. Implement and test Secured REST Web Services

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand JAVA Web Services in Depth
  • Able to make Own App Using Java Web Services
+ Table of Contents

Introduction to Web services
1 Web Service Jargon
2 Customizing the WSDL
3 Schema Types and Binding Styles
4 Service Interface and Custom Types
5 Using JAXB Annotations Part 1
6 Using JAXB Annotations Part 2
7 Handling Faults
8 Using SoapUI
9 Using Web Service Explorer
10 Using Endpoint
11 wsimport Revisited
12 Writing a Web service Client Stub generation
13 Writing a Web service Client Calling the Service
14 Setting up Java EE 7 SDK
15 Writing a Web Service Eclipse setup
16 Writing a Web Service Code and Deploy
17 Adding Input Arguments
18 Service First and Contract First Web Services
19 Understanding the WSDL

Developing RESTful APIs with JAX-RS
20 Introduction
21 What Is JAX RS
22 Setting Up
23 Understanding the Application Structure
24 Creating a Resource
25 Returning XML Response
26 Installing a REST API client
27 Building Service Stubs
28 Accessing Path params
29 Returning JSON Response
30 Implementing POST Method
31 REST and HTTP
32 Implementing Update and Delete
33 Implementing ProfileResource
34 Pagination and Filtering
35 The Param Annotations
36 Using Context and BeanParam annotations
37 Implementing Subresources
38 Sending Status Codes and Location Headers
39 Handling Exceptions
40 Using WebApplicationException
41 HATEOAS (Part 1)
42 Resource URIs
43 HATEOAS (Part 2)
44 Collection URIs
45 HTTP Methods
46 Method Idempotence
47 REST Response
49 The Richardson Maturity Model

Introduction to Advanced JAX-RS
50 Introduction

the Application Class
51 Tomcat Setup
52 Setting up pom.xml
53 Setting up a JAX RS application
54 The Application class

JAX- RS Extentions
55 Resource Life Cycle
56 Param Annotations and member variables
57 ParamConverters
58 Implementing Custom ParamConverters
59 MessageBodyReaders and MessageBodyWriters
60 Implementing a MessageBodyWriter
61 Custom Media Types

Building a JAX-RS Client
62 JAX RS Client
63 Writing a JAX-RS client
64 Client Code Explained Step By Step
65 Some Best Practices
66 Making a POST request
67 Creating Invocations
68 Handling Generic Types

Rest API Authentication
69 Unit Introduction
70 Implementing Filters
71 REST API Authentication Mechanisms
72 Sending Basic Auth Requests
73 Implementing REST API Authorization

Odds and Ends
74 Filters and Interceptors
75 JAX RS and EJBs
76 Conclusion