Java: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Discover proven techniques in Java 12 and develop efficiently

Java: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Discover proven techniques in Java 12 and develop efficiently
Java: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Discover proven techniques in Java 12 and develop efficiently

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Become an effective Java developer! Avoid defective or unnecessarily complex code thanks to new tricks and practices

Have you been looking for a course to help you cover many aspects of Java programming, some of which you may know and some you probably never knew existed? Or have you been looking for best practices and techniques to speed up your development and increase your output and efficiency? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this course, you will explore wonderful things you can do with Java 11 and 12 to improve your programming skills with proven techniques. With this course, you’ll learn to implement some practical and tested techniques to avoid taking longer methods and you’ll master a quicker way to develop applications using the Java 12 programming language.

By the end of this course, you will have learned some exciting Java 12 tips, best practices, and techniques. You will be able to perform tasks and get the best out of your code much more easily and rapidly.


  • Explore the latest features of the newest Java Development Kit
  • Build an environment in IntelliJ IDEA to develop Java 11 source code
  • Be more efficient and write your own code in an up-to-date way with far fewer bugs
  • Create a Java runtime environment that only includes the modules you really need for your application
  • Discover new non-developer features, ranging from nest-based access control to garbage collector settings and more
  • Become more confident in developing Java code thanks to the new tips and proven techniques
+ Table of Contents

Setting Up and Getting Started with Java 12
Installing IntelliJ IDEA Community IDE for Java Development
Removed and Deprecated API
The Contents and Installation of JDK 12
The Course Overview

Convenience Features and Network Handling
Java 12 New Syntax, Switch Expressions
JEP 321 HTTP Client
Launch Single-File Source Code Programs
Local-Variable Syntax for Lambda Parameters
Local-Variable Type Inference

How to Avoid Null References – The Billion Dollar Mistake
How to Avoid NullPointerExceptions
Java Stream and Files.find
Summary Statistics
The New Directory Stream
Why Do You Not Need ‘if not null’ Checks

When Functional Programming Techniques Really Help
Combinators – Making Simple Parsers Using Combinators and asMatchPredicate
Defective Loop Constructs
Immutability Using the New Static Method – copyOf(collection)
Predefined Loop Constructs in the Interface
Predicates in Java java.util.function.Predicate – not, String Handling Example
The New Pattern – asMatchPredicate

Working with ‘The New Java’
Course Summary
Parallel Concurrent Programming
Performance – Garbage Collection and Memory Management
Working with Modules