Java Programming Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery

Java Programming Bootcamp: Zero to Mastery

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Learn Java from scratch with an industry expert. You’ll learn Java programming fundamentals all the way to advanced skills and reinforce your learning with over 80 exercises and 18 quizzes. The only course you need to go from complete programming beginner to being able to get hired as a Backend Developer in 2024!

We guarantee you that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Java bootcamp course. You will learn Java coding from scratch, solidify your knowledge with exercises, build fun projects, and gain the skills you need to get hired as a Java Developer in 2024!


  • Learn Java SE syntax and concepts such as object-oriented programming, exception handling, file I/O, functional programming and more
  • Learn to write clean, bug-free Java code using best practices
  • Master Java programming from fundamentals all the way to advanced skills
  • Learn one of the best, most widely-used programming languages
  • Practice your skills with 80+ exercises (with solutions)
  • Put your knowledge to the test with 18+ quizzes
  • Build fun games like Wordle, Hangman, Tic Tac Toe, and Trivial Pursuit
  • Have the skills and understanding of Java to confidently apply for Java programming jobs
Table of Contents

1 Java Programming Bootcamp Zero to Mastery
2 What is Java_
3 When Do We Need Java_ Backend vs. Frontend
4 Time To Get Your Hands Dirty – Your First Java Program
5 Creating Classes
6 Using Classes to Create Objects
7 Structuring the Application with Packages
8 Adding Class Members to Classes
9 Understanding the Application Structure
10 Understanding Variables
11 Working with Variables in Java
12 Working with Primitives
13 Sizes of Primitives
14 Performing Operations with Operators
15 Arithmetic Operators
16 Assignment Operators
17 Unary Operators
18 Relational Operators
19 Storing Text Variables in Strings
20 Understanding Casting
21 Casting in Java
22 Storing Multiple Values in One Variable
23 Working with Arrays
24 Primitives vs. Objects
25 Objects Containing Primitives
26 Objects Containing Objects
27 Understanding the Stack and Heap
28 The Meaning of Pass by Value
29 If Statement
30 Demo If Statement
31 Switch Statement
32 Demo Switch Statement
33 While Loop
34 Demo While Loop
35 Do While Loop
36 Demo Do While Loop
37 For Loop
38 Demo For Loop
39 Foreach Loop
40 Demo Foreach Loop
41 Controlling Loops with Break and Continue
42 The Syntax of a Basic Method
43 Adding Input Parameters to Methods
44 Adding the Return Type and the Return Statement
45 Invoking Different Methods
46 Exercise Imposter Syndrome
47 Understanding Access Modifiers
48 Public Access Modifier
49 Demo Public
50 Private Access Modifier
51 Demo Private
52 Default Access (No Modifier)
53 Demo Default
54 Protected Access Modifier
55 Demo Protected
56 Static Modifier
57 Demo Static
58 String Class
59 Methods on the String Class
60 Understanding String Immutability
61 Comparing Strings
62 Working with StringBuilder
63 LocalDate
64 LocalTime
65 LocalDateTime
66 ZonedDateTime
67 Duration and Period
68 Calculating with Dates and Times
69 Formatting and Parsing Dates
70 Introduction to OOP
71 OOP Pillar 1 Inheritance
72 OOP Pillar 2 Encapsulation
73 OOP Pillar 3 Abstraction
74 OOP Pillar 4 Polymorphism
75 Overriding, Overloading and Hiding
76 Constructors Explained
77 Default Constructor
78 Custom Constructor
79 Using super() and this()
80 Constructors and Inheritance
81 What Are Enums_
82 Creating and Using Basic Enums
83 Enums with Members
84 How Enums Work Beneath the Surface
85 Understanding Interfaces
86 Creating Interfaces
87 Implementing Interfaces
88 Interfaces with Default Methods
89 Interfaces with Static and Private Methods
90 Implementing Interfaces with Conflicting Method Signatures
91 Abstract Classes and Abstract Methods
92 Final Keyword
93 Understanding Generics
94 Using Classes with Generics
95 Collection Framework List
96 Collection Framework Set
97 Collection Framework Queue
98 Collection Framework Map
99 Understanding Exceptions
100 Throwing Exceptions
101 Checked and Unchecked Exceptions
102 Handling Exceptions Throws
103 Handling Exceptions Try-Catch
104 Handling Exceptions Try with Resources
105 Creating Custom Exceptions
106 Reading and Writing Files
107 Reading Files with FileReader
108 Writing to Files with FileWriter
109 Getting Started with Lambda Expressions
110 Functional Interfaces
111 Understanding Lambda Expressions
112 Writing Lambda Expression
113 Lambda Expressions as Arguments
114 Scope and Lambda Expressions
115 Built-in Functional Interfaces
116 Shorthand Lambda Expression Method Reference
117 Understanding Streams
118 Stream API Source Operations
119 Stream API Terminal Operations
120 Stream API Intermediate Operations
121 Using the Stream API Practical Examples
122 Different Parts of the Memory Heap, Stack, Metaspace
123 The Automatic Garbage Collection Process
124 Understanding StackOverflowError and OutOfMemoryError
125 Understanding Concurrency and Multithreading
126 Working with Threads
127 Atomic Classes
128 Synchronized
129 Lock Interface
130 Concurrent Collections
131 ExecutorService and Thread Pools
132 Common Problems in Multithreading
133 Using Scanner for Interactive Console Apps
134 Thank You