Java EE 8: Web Services

Java EE 8: Web Services
Java EE 8: Web Services

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Learn how to develop modern and lightweight web services using Java Enterprise Edition (EE) 8. Instructor Tayo Koleosho begins by providing some context, explaining why we develop web services, how SOAP and REST differ, and what’s new in Java EE 8. He then shows Java developers how to implement SOAP web services and RESTful APIs, such as how to design and develop a RESTful service using the Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS). Learn about testing with Postman, validation and error handling in JAX-RS, logging and monitoring in JAX-RS and JAX-WS, API security using JSON Web Token (JWT), and more.

Topics include:

  • JAX-RS for RESTful services
  • JAX-WS for SOAP services
  • Testing with Postman and SoapUI
  • Packaging and deploying a SOAP service
  • Consuming your RESTful service
  • Validation and error handling in JAX-RS
  • Documenting JAX-RS with Swagger
  • Security with JSON Web Token (JWT)
+ Table of Contents

1 Web services with Java EE 8

Web Services Primer
2 Why web services are developed
3 Web service terminology

Java EE Web Service Toolkit
5 JAX-RS for RESTful services
6 JAX-WS for SOAP Services
7 Know the difference SOAP vs. RESTful
8 What’s new in Java EE 8 for web services

Quick Start with JAX-RS
9 Configure the Java project in Eclipse
10 Your first RESTful web service
11 Package and deploy the service
12 Testing with Postman
13 Dissecting your REST service
14 All about paths in JAX-RS

Quick Start with JAX-WS
15 Your first SOAP web service
16 Packaging and deploying your SOAP service
17 Testing with SoapUI
18 Dissecting your SOAP service
19 Consume SOAP services with Java clients
20 Java SOAP client

JAX-RS Toolkit for Building RESTful Services
21 Configure your service URL
22 Handle different HTTP methods in JAX-RS
23 Handle request parameters in JAX-RS
24 Use server-sent events (SSE) in JAX-RS
25 The @Context resource

Consume Your RESTful Service
26 Synchronous REST service client
27 Asynchronous REST service client
28 Reactive clients in JAX-RS
29 Implement a reactive client

Customize Your JAX-RS Web Service
30 Validation in JAX-RS
31 Error handling in JAX-RS

JAX-RS Service Maintenance
32 Logging and monitoring in JAX-RS and JAX-WS
33 Tracing in JAX-RS
34 Custom logging in JAX-RS with filters
35 Document JAX-RS with Swagger

JAX-RS Service Security
36 Security using the JWT API
37 Password authentication in JAX-RS
38 Implementing password authentication

40 Next steps