IoT Projects: Physical Email Alert

IoT Projects: Physical Email Alert

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How do you create a physical alert for virtual data? With a Raspberry Pi, a few electronic components, and some time, you can build a device that lets you know how much email your inbox contains. This course helps you explore the Internet of Things (IoT) through this fun sample project. Learn about the Pi, servos, building a case, and assembling a finished-looking project. Instructor Marc de Vinck explains what tools, software, and other equipment you need to get started, and then shows how to put together the hardware, code your device, and complete it with a simple enclosure and wiring. Plus, discover other things you can do with an email-triggered device, like automating tasks around the home.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to the life connected
2 Introduction to email notification and rational

1. Getting Set Up
3 Why use Raspberry Pi
4 Required tools and accessories
5 Optional tools
6 Required software and Google accounts

2. Software Setup
7 Required software and Raspberry Pi OS
8 Connecting all your peripherals
9 Setting up your Raspberry Pi
10 Creating your first program

3. Hardware
11 Introduction to hardware
12 Solder on the headers
13 Controlling physical hardware
14 Introduction to using a button
15 Introduction to and wiring up a single servo
16 Soldering for your specific project

4. Coding a Connected Device
17 Code for checking email

5. Making It Complete
18 Design a simple enclosure
19 Assemble the layers
20 Final connections and wiring
21 Give it a test

22 Other ways to control an object via email
23 Next steps with your connected life