iOS14 Tinder like Dating application with Firebase & Swift

iOS14 Tinder like Dating application with Firebase & Swift
iOS14 Tinder like Dating application with Firebase & Swift

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Build Dating Application like Tinder using iOS 14, Swift 5 & xCode 12 Firebase and MessageKit. Latest iOS from Apple

In iOS14 Tinder like Dating application with Firebase & Swift we are going to build copy of Tinder Application.

Unlike any other courses found on Udemy, I always teach full real world apps, when we finish with the course, you are going to have an app ready to post to AppStore.

What our app will include:

  • Firebase Authentication
  • Email address Verification
  • Firebase Database
  • Firebase FireStore
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Messaging
  • Integrating 3rd party libraries to SWIFT project
  • Apple Push notification and certification creation
  • MessageKit for Chat functionality
  • Custom UI Design from ready Sketch File
    and many more

This iOS14 Tinder like Dating application with Firebase & Swift is NOT beginner level course. You need to know your way around the xCode, be familiar with it, you have to have basic knowledge in Swift and application building. We are going to start from scratch and build the application together. All assets will be provided by me. I will type and explain every line of code. By the time we finish, you will learn a lot of new things even if you are experienced iOS developer.

The curse will teach you how to write clean and readable code, structure your app development, so even if you get back to your code in few years, you can read and understand it clearly.

We are also proud to say that we have one of the best Support available on Udemy! Our Q/A Section is constantly monitored and all questions are answered within few hours, Sometimes we even chat with students in real time to help them with the issues they may face during the study.

What you’ll learn

  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Data structuringf
  • Firebase Web Messaging
  • Developing apps for iOS14
  • Using 3rd party libraries
  • Writing clean readable code
+ Table of Contents

1 Getting xcode
2 Creating xcode project
3 Creating firebase project
4 Installing cocoapods

User Authentication
5 Login View UI
6 User Initialisation
7 User constants and dictionary
8 Save user locally
9 Login first user
10 Firebase Reference
11 Firebase Listener and FUser init
12 Saving User object to firebase
13 Login User and reset password functions
14 Autologin
15 Login and enter the application
16 Register View UI
17 Date Picker implementation
18 Setup of Date picker and extensions
19 Connecting UI to code
20 Dismissing keyboard on background tap
21 Showing error if data is not imputed
22 Adding gender segment controller
23 User registration function part1
24 User registration function part 2
25 User registration function part 3 email Verification

Profile view
26 ProfileView UI part 1
27 Calculate Age of the user
28 Edit User Info
29 Saving Updates to database
30 Setting up Gallery part 1
31 Setting up Gallery part 2
32 Setting up gallery part 3 selecting multiple images
33 Upload image functions
34 Saving Avatar images
35 Initializing FUser with Avatar Image
36 Saving Image Locally
37 ProfileView UI part 2
38 Saving current user avatar locally
39 Download image function
40 Download avatar on login
41 Upload multiple images
42 Download Multiple images function
43 Presenting change alert view
44 Changing user name
45 Change user email part1
46 Change email test login
47 Resend verification email after changing user
48 ProfileView UI part 3
49 Log out user
50 Circle Image
51 Connecting UI to code
52 Setting background and rounding corners
53 Disable user interactions with text fields
54 Show Alert Controllers
55 CurrentID and User Functions
56 Load User Data in profile

Card View Controller
57 Card View controller introduction
58 Download Users from firebase Part 1
59 Download Users from firebase Part 2
60 Showing users in cards
61 Fetching 2nd batch of users
62 Shuffle sample project
63 Creating card view functions
64 User Card Overlay
65 User Card Content view
66 User Card Footer View
67 Creating Card Part 1
68 Presenting sample card and bug fixing
69 Card Delegates and dummy users

User Profile View
70 Profile view UI
71 Resizing collection view cell
72 Registering New User to test multiple images
73 SKPhoto Browser
74 Dismissing user profile view
75 Saving Like to user
76 Like Object
77 User Profile View Delegate
78 Creating global functions
79 Testing Like Function in Card view
80 Reset user and test match function
81 Profile View UI part 2
82 User Profile Connections
83 Round edges for background view
84 Changing background colors
85 TableView Delegates and activity Indicator
86 Passing user object to user profile view
87 Custom Image Collection View cell
88 Collection View Data Source

Notification View
89 Notification View UI
90 Notification view connections
91 Downloading Users with specific Ids
92 Like Cell implementation
93 Showing user profile from Notification view

Match Object
94 MatchObject
95 Match view delegates from card view
96 Match View UI
97 Match View connections
98 Stup backgrounds
99 Saving match to firebase
100 Showing match view
101 Match view form user profile
102 Show Start Chat button if its a matched user
103 Match View Delegates

Recent match view
104 Recent view UI
105 Recent Chat cell
106 Create Recent Item Part1
107 Create recent Item part 2
108 Creating ChatRoomId
109 Creating first Recent object
110 Downloading recent object functions
111 Download and show recents
112 Start Chat from User profile view
113 Custom Collection View Cell UI
114 Collection View Cell Controller
115 RecentView Controller
116 Downloading recent matches
117 Presenting matches to user
118 Fixing bug with cell size
119 Collection view delegates
120 Recent Class

Chat View Controller
121 Creating chat view controller
122 Input bar accessory delegate
123 Message Layout Delegate
124 Message display delegate
125 Outgoing messages
126 Save Message to firebase
127 Fixing bug with slow transition
128 Updating Recent item
129 Reset unread counter
130 Call reset functions
131 Download Messages function
132 Presenting chat view
133 Incoming message class
134 Showing first messages
135 Message status and date functions
136 Listen for new chats function
137 Getting new chats
138 Get Old chats in background
139 Setting min and max messages in old chats
140 Updating insert message function
141 Load more messages
142 Showing old messages
143 Starting chat from recent cell
144 Changing top label size
145 Chat title and listeners
146 Presenting Gallery
147 Outgoing picture message
148 Incoming picture message
149 Adding Loading bar for image uploads
150 Typing indicator part 1
151 Typing indicator part 2
152 Testing typing indicator
153 Read Message status part 1
154 Restarting chat function
155 Read Message status part 2
156 Message class
157 MKMessage Class
158 Photo Message Class
159 Configure chat view
160 Configure message collection view

Push Notifications
161 Creating Push Certificates
162 Register for push notifications
163 Testing push notifications
164 Push Notification class
165 Sending push notification with messages

Advanced searching functions
166 Age Selection UI
167 Age Slider and Picker Setup
168 Showing Picker view with ToolBar
169 Adding age to user object and changing search function
170 Empty Data UI
171 Showing Empty Data View
172 Implementing Empty Data Delegate