iOS for Beginners – How to create your own app

iOS for Beginners – How to create your own app
iOS for Beginners – How to create your own app

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eLearning | Skill level: All level | by Sreeprakash Neelakantan

A Step-by-Step iOS for Beginners Guide in which you learn how to create your own app for iphone and ipad.

One of the most popular platform that people love to use is iOS. That is the reason why iOS apps are so popular and in high demand and probably that is the reason why you are here, because you want to learn how to develop iOS apps!

This course will help you kick start your app development journey in iOS platform for both iPhone & iPad.

iOS app development isn’t tedious once you get past the setting up of the development environment and getting comfortable with the various tools that you can use.

We know that in the begining everything can seem hard beacuse you simply don’t know where to start. That is just frustrating and keeps you off your way to developing your first app.

Our years of experience in app development have taught us the process of how to start with ease in iOS app development and that is exactly what we will teach you in this course.

We have designed this special course for anyone who has the desire to learn iOS development and create apps.

This course will walk you through:

  • How to install and setup XCode,
  • De-mystify Interface Builder, UI Elements and other components of iOS development
  • How the various app templates work.
  • Develop an app for iPhone & iPad
  • Build the app and use the Simulator

All of this in less than 3 hours (out of your busy schedule) of simple to follow lectures that YOU CAN APPLY from TODAY !

It’s Time to take action!

PS: If, you follow this video course and perform the steps mentioned then you will be ready to go live with app development in less than 4 days!

What are the requirements?

  • It will be great if, you have a basic knowledge in ANY programming language
  • Of course, you will need an Intel Mac system to install and setup the iOS development environment

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 55 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Learn how to setup the iOS development environment from scratch.
  • Learn how to install and use XCode
  • Learn how to use Interface Builder
  • Learn how to use iOS Simulator
  • Getting started with Objective C
  • Learn how to build apps for iPhone & iPad
  • Learn how to create apps with and without storyboard
  • Create a game using OpenGL

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to develop apps on iOS but, just doesn’t know where to start.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the course
1. Introductory Video

Getting Started
2. Installing Xcode
3. Creating New Application in Xcode
4. Setting Build Path in Xcode
5. Introduction to IOS Simulator

New Project Creation Templates in Xcode
6. Creating Single View Application with Storyboard in Xcode
7. Creating Single View Application without Storyboard in Xcode
8. Creating Page Based Application in Xcode
9. Creating Master-Detail Application in Xcode
10. Creating Utility Application in Xcode
11. Creating OpenGL Game in Xcode
12. Creating Tabbed Application in Xcode
13. Creating Empty Application in Xcode

Introduction to Objective C
14. Header, Implementation and Interface Builder Files
15. Object Initialization
16. Object Creation – Fast Enumeration Method
17. Types of Methods and its Naming Conventions in Objective C
18. Accessor Methods and its Naming Conventions in Objective C
19. Delegate Methods and its Naming Conventions in Objective C
20. For Loop in Objective C
21. While Loop in Objective C
22. do-while Loop in Objective C
23. if Conditional Statement in Objective C
24. Switch Conditional Statement in Objective C
25. Array Data Collection in Objective C
26. Mutable Array Data Collection in Objective C
27. Comparing Two String Objects in Objective C
28. Splitting String Objects into an Array in Objective C
29. Checking for String Prefix in Objective C
30, Getting the Sub-String within Range of a String in Objective C
31. Getting the Sub-String from an index of a String in Objective C
32. Case Sensitive and In-Sensitive String Comparison in Objective C

Working with Interface Builder
33. Files Owner – Linking the XIB in Xcode
34. Inspector Library of XIB in Xcode

Introduction to Views and Elements
35. Relationship between Screen, Window and View
36. View Controller Architecture
37. Creating New View Controller Class
38. Process of Loading a View into Memory
39.Process of Unloading a View from Memory
40. Inserting Views to the Screen using XIB in Xcode
41. Inserting Views to the Screen Programmatically in Xcode

Working with UIElements
42. Introduction to UIElements
43. Adding UILabel using XIB
44. Adding UILabel Programmatically
45. Adding UITextField using XIB
46. Adding UITextField Programmatically
47. Enabling and Implementing the UITextFieldDelegate
48. Adding UITextView using XIB
49. Adding UITextView Programmatically
50. Enabling and Implementing the UITextViewDelegate
51. Adding UIImageView using XIB
52. Adding UIImageView Programmatically
53. Adding UIButton using XIB
54. Adding UIButton Programmatically
55. Adding UITableView to the View