An iOS Developer’s Guide to SwiftUI: Design and build beautiful apps quickly and easily with minimum code

An iOS Developer’s Guide to SwiftUI: Design and build beautiful apps quickly and easily with minimum code

English | 2024 | ISBN: 978-1801813624 | 446 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 25 MB

Get started with SwiftUI and accelerate your iOS app development with this guide to leveraging the declarative approach, with key images printed in color

Key Features

  • Learn how to structure and maintain clean app architecture
  • Integrate SwiftUI with relevant frameworks to create professional and responsive apps
  • Understand the declarative functional approach and focus on asynchronous programming within the context of SwiftUI

SwiftUI has transformed app development across Apple Platforms, offering developers the power to build seamless user interfaces by just defining the UI design through intuitive Swift code. This book explores SwiftUI’s revolutionary declarative programming approach to assist you in designing UI for Apple devices, ranging from iPhones to Macs, by declaring what the app should look like and what it should do, leaving the heavy lifting to the operating system.

With a hands-on approach, the book immerses you in the fundamentals of SwiftUI and goes on to cover SwiftUI parts that are omitted by most introductory guides. Starting with creating views and modifiers, you’ll progress to more intricate and responsive user interfaces and advanced techniques, gradually working toward building complex apps. Further, this book focuses on the new features in asynchronous programming and architecture patterns to design efficient, modern, and well-structured apps. Finally, you’ll explore the integration of UIkit and SwiftUI and how to run tests for a SwiftUI application.

By the end of the book, you’ll have gained the confidence to harness the full potential of SwiftUI to build professional-grade applications.

What you will learn

  • Get to grips with UI coding across Apple platforms using SwiftUI
  • Build modern apps, delving into complex architecture and asynchronous programming
  • Explore animations, graphics, and user gestures to build responsive UIs
  • Respond to asynchronous events and store and share data the modern way
  • Add advanced features by integrating SwiftUI and UIKit to enhance your apps
  • Gain proficiency in testing and debugging SwiftUI applications