Introduction to Server-Side Swift

Introduction to Server-Side Swift
Introduction to Server-Side Swift

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Leverage the power of Swift to create amazing server-side web and mobile applications

Swift is probably the best full-stack language in the world. An essential advantage of Swift as a perfect back-end programming language is the safety built into the language. Swift does away with entire classes of errors and crashes. You’ll start with getting to know more about server-side Swift, then you’ll set up your own environment and hit the ground running by creating your first project with the Vapor framework. You’ll also explore Swift Package Manager.

We’ll move further into the exciting world of Swift by templating and creating web pages with leaf, managing RESTful APIs. You’ll make a responsive web app with Bootstrap and delve more deeply into forms. Working with Vapor and Postgres will be fun as you set up Postgres with your Vapor application and work with fluent ORM. You’ll be querying data using Fluent filters and create relationships.

Further into the course, you’ll be adding authentication by creating a Sign Up Flow and logins for users. You’ll use basic validations and then write your own custom ones. Creating an API will be fun by serializing your data and securing your API with JWT. You’ll learn to deploy Heroku and set up SSL. Lastly you’ll learn to write integration tests.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to use Swift to create fluent server-side applications.

This is a step-by-step practical guide filled with real-world use cases and examples to help Swift backend developers create their own server-side applications.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Swift to create fluent server-side applications
  • Work using the Vapor framework with Swift
  • Make use of various aspects of Vapor and Postgres
  • Work on authentication and validation in your application
  • Deploy and write integration tests for Vapor
+ Table of Contents

Starting with Vapor
1 The Course Overview
2 Getting Started with Vapor
3 Creating Your First Project with Vapor (Hello Vapor)
4 Using the Swift Package Manager

Templating with Leaf
5 Managing Your First RESTful Routes
6 Creating Web Pages with Leaf
7 Making a Responsive Web App with Bootstrap
8 Diving into Forms

Working with Vapor and Postgres
9 Fluent and Sqlite
10 Working with the Fluent
11 Fluent Show Update Delete
12 Fluent Filters
13 Fluent Relationships

Adding Authentication
14 Creating a Sign Up Flow
15 Logging in Users
16 Organizing Your Auth Code

Creating APIs
17 Introduction to Testing
18 Upgrading Vapor
19 Testing Controllers
20 Deploying and Writing Tests for Vapor

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