Introducing Postman

Introducing Postman
Introducing Postman

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Postman is essentially like a graphical cURL. But if you’re only using it as such, then you’re missing out on some of the API development environment’s most interesting and useful features. In this course, instructor Dave Fancher highlights some of this key functionality as he shares how to best leverage Postman to enhance your API development experience. Dave shows how to work with a sample API to compose and authenticate requests, how to view and publish documentation, how to manage environments and variables, and more.

Topics include:

  • Composing requests
  • Managing cookies
  • Viewing and publishing documentation
  • Managing environments
  • Using variables in requests
  • Authorization with variables
+ Table of Contents

1 Enhancing API development with Postman
2 What you should know
3 What is Postman
4 Postman Header and footer
5 Postman Sidebar and request builder
6 Run the sample API

Compose Requests
7 Your first request
8 Manage query string parameters
9 Manage cookies
10 Manage request headers
11 Manage header presets
12 Build a request body
13 Challenge Composing a request
14 Solution Composing a request

Manage Requests
15 Workspaces
16 Collections and folders
17 Authenticate requests
18 Using request history
19 Document requests
20 Provide examples
21 View documentation
22 Publish documentation
23 Challenge Organize and document
24 Solution Organize and document

Environments and Variables
25 What are environments
26 Managing environments
27 Managing variables
28 Using variables in requests
29 Authorization with variables
30 Variable shortcuts
31 Challenge Body variables
32 Solution Body variables

33 Next steps