Introduction to Apache HBase Operations

Introduction to Apache HBase Operations

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Installing, Administrating, Tuning and Troubleshooting HBase Deployments

HBase master Jonathan Hsieh provides a complete overview of Apache HBase operations in this course designed for the absolute beginner. He begins with setting up and deploying an actual HBase cluster where you’ll receive hardware and software recommendations, learn to use the Cloudera manager to configure values, and do rolling restarts.

After that, you’ll troubleshoot and debug a distributed cluster; learn about HBase tuning and optimization; study HBase access control, security, and disaster recovery procedures; and finish with an overview of the HBase ecosystem where you’ll learn about HBase integration, the Thrift and Rest HBase proxy servers, and more. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with Jonathan Hsieh throughout the lessons.

  • Learn to install, administer, tune, and troubleshoot Apache HBase deployments
  • Discover the best hardware and software to use in HBase deployments
  • Deploy an HBase cluster and use Cloudera manager to configure values and do rolling restarts
  • Troubleshoot clusters using command line tools, HBase UI, Hbas metrics, and HB logs
  • Master tuning and optimization basics such as region tuning, memory tuning and more
  • Understand the best procedures for access control, security, and disaster recovery
  • Learn about HBase integration and HBase proxy servers Thrift And Rest
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
01 What Is HBase
02 What To Expect
03 About The Author

2. Administration Basics
04 HBase Deployment Architecture
05 HBase Fault Tolerance
06 Hardware Recommendations
07 Software Recommendations
08 HBase Deployment At Scale
09 Installation With Cloudera Manager
10 Basic Static Configuration
11 Rolling Restarts And Upgrades
12 Interacting With HBase

3. Troubleshooting
13 Trouble Shooting Methodology
14 Trouble Shooting Distributed Clusters
15 Administration From The Command Line
16 Using The HBase UI
17 Using The Metrics
18 Using The Logs

4. Tuning
19 Basic HBase Tuning
20 Generating Load And Load Test Tool
21 Generating With YCSB
22 Region Tuning
23 Table Storage Tuning
24 Memory Tuning
25 Tuning With Failures
26 Tuning For Modern Hardware

5. Operations Continuity
27 Operational Continuity
28 Corruption hbck
29 Corruption Other Tools
30 Security
31 Security Demo
32 Backups Snapshots
33 Backups Import Export Copy Table
34 Cluster Replication

6. Ecosystem
35 HBase Proxy Servers, Thrift And Rest
36 Hue
37 HBase With Apache Phoenix

7. Conclusion
38 Wrapup And Thank You