HTML5 Development: The Beginning Beginner’s Guide (Volume 2)

HTML5 Development: The Beginning Beginner’s Guide (Volume 2)Reviews
Author: Jason Pfaff
Pub Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-0692619711
Pages: 90
Language: English
Size: 10 Mb


HTML5 is a foundational skill for almost all work online. Whether you are learning to program, developing and maintaining a web site or just creating digital-friendly content you need to know HTML5. HTML5 Development: The Beginning Beginner’s Guide is the perfect book to help you learn the foundations of HTML5 even if you’ve never written a line of code before. Author Jason Pfaff will take you through the basics as you develop web pages and other digital content. Written in plain English, without all the jargon found in other development books, you’ll be coding HTML5 in no time with HTML5 Development: The Beginning Beginner’s Guide. About The Beginning Beginner’s Series This Beginning Beginner’s series of books was born out of frustration: Most “beginners” books on web and mobile development are not designed for true beginners. Often in beginners’ books the language is over complicated and laden with jargon. The books assume too much prior knowledge or experience. In the end, many readers new to programming become frustrated and just give up. The reality is that programming is completely approachable and even fun to learn if taught correctly. That’s exactly what the Beginning Beginners’ Guide series aims to do: Help true beginners learn to code and make learning fun. This series of programming books is for you if you’ve never written a line of code before or if you’ve tried to learn from other books unsuccessfully. You CAN learn to code well. You don’t have to be mathematically oriented, or uber-intelligent. Learning to code won’t always be easy but it is doable. If you can manipulate an Excel spreadsheet, you can learn programming.


Table of Contents
About the App Development Guide series
Assets and Code
The Building Blocks of HTML5: Elements, Tags, and Attributes
Your First Program
Adding Basic Tags for Formatting and Styling
The Supporting Cast for Your HTML
CSS : Adding a sense of style to your page
How to present lists of information
Links: Connecting to other pages on the World Wide Web
Images: How to Make Your Site Picture Perfect!
Tables: Additional organization and layout for your content
Navigation: Linking your pages together
Forms: Add Additional Interactivity
Next Steps
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