How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Paid Professional

How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Paid Professional
How to Program in C++ from Beginner to Paid Professional

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Learn C++, Develop full C++ Programs, Get Complete Source Code, Write Clean Structured C++ Code, Go from Beginner to Pro

This course teaches C++ from beginner to paid professional. Learn best practices and programming standards that can be applied to any language and apply them to write clean, well structured and professional C++ code. Follow hands-on video tutorials that teach how to develop full programs in C++ through real practical examples. Write code, create programs, compile and run code. Learn what software you need, how to install and setup your environment. A complete course to learn how to program in C++.

There are no additional costs for software because all the software used in this course is free and open source. We cover a few different tools to provide you with options. Learn the essential tools to make C++ development easier and increase your productivity.

This course should be done at your own pace and some lessons you may want to review a couple times due to their importance. This course is structured covering simple but essential concepts first, then moving to more advanced concepts and then reinforcing best practices that will empower you to write professional production quality C++ code. This course is also quick reference friendly for people with limited time that want to focus on learning a specific concept or code periodically. The C++ lectures are arranged in a logical order but can be watched in any order as each focuses on a complete concept being taught in the lecture. C++ source code is provided including shell programs and C++ make files that you can use as starting points and templates in our own development.

Take this course if you want to learn C++, build complete C++ programs, maintain C++ programs in your work, freelance in C++, get a quick refresher on the language, use this as a programming reference course, get C++ source code to learn from or use and learn best practices to write professional code. Get Started now.

What are the requirements?

  • You should have some interest in programming in C++
  • You should be comfortable using a computer, installing software and navigating applications

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 48 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Program in C++
  • Create full programs in C++
  • Write good, clean and well structured code
  • Apply best coding practices and write professional code

What is the target audience?

  • This C++ course is meant for people new to C++ or programming in general and those looking for a quick refresher. No prior programming knowledge is needed. This course is probably not for you if you’re at the intermediate or senior level looking to learn advanced C++ concepts.

Table of Contents

Welcome and Introduction
Welcome to C++ and Meet Your Instructor
Video Clarity and Optimization
Where Do I Write C++ Code? What is a Good IDE for C++?
Code::Blocks IDE Code Editor with Setup on Mac
Code::Blocks Permissions Setup
Code::Blocks on Mac – Plugins and Solving Crashing
Sublime Text Editor with Setup on Mac
Atom Text Editor with Setup on Mac
Compile C++ Code in Sublime and Code::Blocks

Programming and C++ Language Essentials
Main Function – Where it Starts!
Operators in C++ – Nuts and Bolts
Variables in C++ Part 1
Variables in C++ Part 2
C++ Constants
C++ Constants – Part 2
C++ Shell Program – This is a Template to use to Start and Build Your Programs!

Data Types in C++
String C++ Data Type
Int C++ Data Type
bool C++ Data Type
char C++ Data Type
double C++ Data Type
float C++ Data Type

Conditional Statements and Logic – If and Else Statements
If Statements and Conditions
Else Statements and Conditions
Condition Operator Overview

How Do I Get User Data Into My C++ Program and What Can I Do with It?
Getting Data Into a C++ Program Part 1
Getting Data Into a C++ Program Part 2 – Multiple Values

Arrays, Vectors and Collections in C++
Vectors in C++

C++ Loops and Iterations – Iterate Code and Execute Logic
Creating and Working with For Loops – Part 1
Creating and Working with For Loop – Part 2
Creating and Working with While Loops
Creating and Working with Do While Loops
Write a Simple Counter C++ Program

Class and Struct Objects in C++
What is a Member?
C++ Classes – Part 1
C++ Structs – Data Structures
Public, Private and Protected – Is There a Difference?
Write a Simple C++ Program Using Classes

Common Errors, Error Handling, Debugging and Troubleshooting in C++
Common C++ Errors for Beginners – Watch Out!
C++ Compile and Runtime Errors – There Is A Difference
Try and Catch Blocks and Handling Exceptions

Make Files and Automated Builds
Creating a C++ Makefile
C++ Makefile with Debug Information

Best Coding Practices for C++ Developers – Be Professional
What is Refactoring?
Indenting C++ Code to Keep It Clean and Readable
Proper Naming In C++ – What’s the Big Deal About a Name?

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