Hands-On Web Development with JavaScript

Hands-On Web Development with JavaScript
Hands-On Web Development with JavaScript

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Learn Front End Development Of Your Web Applications By Creating Smart, Interactive & User Friendly UIs with JavaScript

JavaScript has become a dominant language in the form of mobile applications, browser applications, server applications, and embedded devices. Knowledgeable JavaScript engineers are in higher demand today than ever before. This course will get you up and be running with JavaScript for web and application development.

The application that you’ll be building is a Slack-like chat application. You’ll learn to, share files, rate the shared photos, and more. As you progress, you’ll learn the technology that underpins almost every rich web application you’ve ever used. You will start with the basics of JavaScript, then move on to understanding the various important components that are used to create an interactive user-friendly UI.

You’ll then learn how to route, test, and create dynamic content for your application. Then you’ll add rich features and provide the final touches to your application. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to build applications with a richer and smarter front-end using JavaScript.

A step-by-step practical guide to learn front-end programming by building a real front-end application. You’ll build everything using vanilla JavaScript. It will give you an understanding of the technology that underpins all of the modern front-end tools and frameworks.

What You Will Learn

  • Explore modern JavaScript and Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Create a live filter along with a search feature
  • Understand the functions of custom browser events
  • Get to know the WebSockets basics for “real-time” applications
  • Create reusable UI components
  • Work with AJAX to create faster and more interactive applications
  • Implement client-side routing with URL observers
  • Create smooth UI transitions
+ Table of Contents

Get Started by Creating an Interactive UI
1 The Course Overview
2 A Quick Overview of JavaScript Basics
3 Our First Interactive UI
4 Manipulating the DOM
5 Handling Basic Forms

Enhance the UI and Build Your First Application
6 Creating a Basic UI Component System
7 Building a Component Library
8 Building a Sidebar with Search and Filter Capabilities
9 Exploring Modals
10 Building the Chat User Interface

Learn to Route, Test, and Create Dynamic Content
11 Client-Side Routing
12 Unit Testing with AVA
13 Adding Friends to the Group
14 Reordering Friends
15 Sharing Images

Add Rich Features to Your Application
16 Exploring AJAXFetch – Authentication, LoadingSaving Data
17 Working with WebSockets – Adding Real Chat to Our Application
18 Uploading AJAX-Based Files
19 Rating Images
20 Viewing Image Galleries
21 Sorting and Filtering Content

Explore Some Popular Libraries
22 React and jQuery
23 Overview of Functional Programming and Associated Libraries