Hands-on Responsive Web Design 1: Media Queries & CSS Preprocessing

Hands-on Responsive Web Design 1: Media Queries & CSS Preprocessing
Hands-on Responsive Web Design 1: Media Queries & CSS Preprocessing

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Responsive, mobile first web design is a skill required for web developer’s in today’s mobile world. This course, you’ll learn how to build a responsive template using SASS and a CSS preprocessor that you’ll use in your next web development project. Software required: Brackets.

At the heart of developing any responsive website is a thorough knowledge of how to use HTML5, CSS3, and SASS. In this course, Responsive Web Design 1: Media Queries and CSS Preprocessing, you’ll learn the skills you need to create a mobile first, responsive web page template that can be used as a basis for an entire site or even a CMS. First, you’ll learn the appropriate way to organize your SCSS partial files and how to reassemble them while including media queries. Next, you’ll discover how to use variables and math operations to quickly create standard CSS. Finally, you’ll cover html semantics and way-finding so that your websites are attractive as well as functional. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have built a responsive template, which is ready to be used as you create your own personal or commercial websites. Software required: Brackets.

+ Table of Contents

01 – Course Overview
02 – Introduction
03 – Overview
04 – Setup
05 – Media Queries
06 – Mobile Challenges
07 – Overview
08 – Wayfinding
09 – Overview
10 – Template Modification
11 – CSS Preprocessor with Koala.app
12 – SASS Variables.app
13 – CSS Preprocessor with Dreamweaver
14 – Finishing the Template.app
15 – Overview
16 – Building the Header
17 – Building the Navigation
18 – Building the Footer
19 – Overview
20 – Building the Banner
21 – Adding the Cars Gallery
22 – Modifying for Medium and Large Screens
23 – Building the Blog Columns
24 – Adding the Wrapper
25 – Overview
26 – Changes to the Template
27 – Modifying the Color Scheme and the Width
28 – Modifying Using Wrapper Divisions
29 – Modifying the Content

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