Hands-on Development in AWS

Hands-on Development in AWS

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Learn to create applications using AWS services today

Learn to create applications using AWS services today. Hands-on Development in AWS teaches core concepts for using AWS services to create real-world applications. Explore the fundamentals before diving into database and storage, messaging, and execution services so you can create the applications you need to develop. Expert trainer and author Nick Garner will give you hands-on practical experience to create an application and run the application in the cloud. This is a lab-based approach to learning that gives you the opportunity to learn through exercises.

It’s important to note that this course is not intended to teach you to how program or develop applications. The goal is to help you understand the services that are available to run the applications you develop through live demonstration. The demonstration mode is accompanied by a free AWS Trial Account for easy access.

Hands-on Development in AWS covers the core development topics you need to really create applications while providing a deeper exploration of cloud services so you can fully understand the work. Topics covered include AWS foundations services like identity and access management and Virtual Private Cloud, databases and storage services, execution services of AWS, and finally cover the development of apps in AWS including AWS API, AWS SDKs, CloudFormation, and AWS Developer Tools.

Topics include

  • Module 1: Course and AWS Overview
  • Module 2: AWS Foundational Services
  • Module 3: Database and Storage Services
  • Module 4: Messaging Services
  • Module 5: Execution Services
  • Module 6: Developing in AWS

Learn How To

  • Understand the services that are available to run the applications your team is developing.
  • Develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS
  • Prepare for the Associate Level Certified Developer exam
Table of Contents

Hands-On Development in AWS Introduction

Lesson 1 Course and AWS Overview
Learning objectives
Course Overview
Requisites Overview

Lesson 2 Cloud Services
Learning objectives
Why Move to the Cloud
Exploring Cloud Providers
A History of AWS
A High-level View of AWS Services
Exploring AWS Regions

Lesson 3 Setting up a Lab
Learning objectives
Setting up a Local Computer
Creating an AWS Trial Account
Understanding AWS CLI vs. Web GUI
Using the AWS CLI
Reviewing the Course’s Code Repo

Lesson 4 Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Learning objectives
Understanding IAM
Understanding Permissions
Exploring Users and Groups
Exploring Roles
Using IAM Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Creating a Cognito User Pool

Lesson 5 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Learning objectives
Understanding VPC
Exploring Networking and Security
Understanding Default VPC
Creating a VPC

Lesson 6 Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Learning objectives
Understanding EC2
Provisioning Instances
Using Amazon Machine Images (AMI) & Marketplace
Understanding Elastic IPs
Using Load Balancers
Exploring Storage

Lesson 7 Databases (RDS EC2)
Learning objectives
An RDS Overview
Understanding Database Security in RDS
Configuring an RDS Database
Scaling RDS
Exploring Database on EC2
Using RDS Best Practices

Lesson 8 DynamoDB (NoSQL)
Learning objectives
Understanding DynamoDB
Exploring DDB Data Models
Securing DynamoDB
Scaling and Replication
Understanding Streams and Triggers
Using DynamoDB Best Practices

Lesson 9 Simple Storage Service (S3)
Learning objectives
Understanding S3
Creating Buckets
Securing S3
Using Global Data Replication
Understanding Glacier
Exploring Events
Using Third-party Browser Tools
Using S3 Best Practices
Using CloudFront with S3

Lesson 10 Route 53 DNS
Learning objectives
Understanding Route 53
Exploring Route 53 Zones
Using Zone Aliases
Configuring Traffic Flow Policies
Using Route 53 Best Practices

Lesson 11 Simple Queue Service (SQS)
Learning objectives
Understanding SQS
Creating an SQS Queue
Securing SQS
Interacting with an SQS Queue
Using Message Encryption
Using SQS Best Practices

Lesson 12 Simple Notification Service (SNS)
Learning objectives
An SNS Overview
Exploring SNS Transports
Understanding SNS Message Reliability
Using SNS Platform Applications
Emailing and Texting Using SNS
Using SNS Best Practices

Lesson 13 Simple Email Service (SES)
Learning objectives
Understanding SES
Using the SES Simulator
Using SES Templates
Using SES Best Practices

Lesson 14 Lambda – Serverless Compute
Learning objectives
Highlighting Lambda
Understanding Lambda Scalability and Availability
Exploring Lambda Security
Using Lambda Functions
Deploying a Lambda Function
Using Lambda Best Practices

Lesson 15 Elastic Beanstalk
Learning objectives
Understanding Elastic Beanstalk
Development Stacks
Interacting with Databases
Updating the Platform
Using Elastic Beanstalk Best Practices

Lesson 16 Kinesis
Learning objectives
Understanding Kinesis
Exploring Streams
Using Firehose
Using Kinesis Best Practices

Lesson 17 API Gateway
Learning objectives
An API Gateway Overview
Creation from Template
Using Lambda Integrations
Integrating using HTTP
Securing an API Gateway
Using API Gateway Best Practices

Lesson 18 AWS API
Learning objectives
An AWS API Overview
Using the AWS API

Lesson 19 AWS SDK
Learning objectives
Understanding the AWS SDKs
Finding Documentation
Using the Node.js SDK
Using the Python SDK

Lesson 20 CloudFormation
Learning objectives
Understanding CloudFormation
Using Templates
Using CloudFormation Best Practices

Lesson 21 CloudWatch
Learning objectives
Understanding CloudWatch
Exploring Logs
Understanding Alarms
Using Insights
Using EventBridge

Lesson 22 Elastic Container Service (ECS)
Learning objectives
Understanding ECS
Exploring the Elastic Container Registry
Using Clusters
Using ECS Best Practices

Lesson 23 AWS Developer Tools
Learning objectives
Outlining AWS Developer Tools
Experimenting with AWS Developer Tools
Exploring X-Ray

Module 1 Course and AWS Overview
Module introduction

Module 2 AWS Foundational Services
Module introduction

Module 3 Database and Storage Services
Module introduction

Module 4 Messaging Services
Module introduction

Module 5 Execution Services
Module introduction

Module 6 Developing in AWS
Module introduction

Hands-On Development in AWS Summary