Hands-On with Design Systems

Hands-On with Design Systems

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Design systems are the critical components of your organization’s brand and image. They help keep your campaigns consistent, comprehensive, and straight to the point. In this course, expert designer and instructor Ronnie McBride gives you a hands-on overview of some of the best practices and strategic principles for creating design systems that truly leave a mark.

Learn more about what design systems actually are and why they’re so important to the success of design-centric organizations. Explore the anatomy of a strong, effective design system that can be operationalized by UX and marketing teams. Along the way, Ronnie offers pointers on the specific elements to include in your systems, such as tools, techniques, and approaches to match your workflows and project personas.

Table of Contents

1 Capture the magic behind design systems
2 Prelude to design systems
3 What is a design system
4 Choosing the right model

The Anatomy of a Design System
5 Foundational elements
6 Content guidance
7 Components

Practical Tips and Guidance
8 Overview and samples
9 Demo assets
10 Themes and behaviors
11 Best practices
12 Dos and don’ts
13 Accessibility

Documentation, Resources, and Tools
14 Documenting patterns
15 Resources and kits
16 Design system tools

17 Good luck on your journey