Hands-on Azure Functions with C#: Build Function as a Service (FaaS) Solutions

Hands-on Azure Functions with C#: Build Function as a Service (FaaS) Solutions

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-1484271216 | 547 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 69 MB

Build serverless solutions using Azure Functions. This book provides you with a deep understanding of Azure Functions so you can build highly scalable and reliable serverless applications.

The book starts with an introduction to Azure Functions and demonstrates triggers and bindings with use cases. The process to build an OTP mailer with Queue Storage Trigger and SendGrid output binding is presented, and timer triggers and blob storage binding are covered. Creating custom binding for Azure Functions and building a serverless API using Azure Functions and Azure SQL are discussed. You will know how to build a serverless API using Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB, and you will go over enabling application insights and Azure Monitor. Storing function secrets in Azure Key Vault is discussed as well as authentication and authorization using Azure Active Directory. You will learn how to secure your serverless apps using API Management and deploy your Azure Functions using IDEs.

Deploying your Azure Functions using CI/CD pipelines is demonstrated along with running Azure Functions in containers. You will learn how to leverage Azure Cognitive Services to build intelligent serverless apps. And the authors introduce you to Azure Durable functions and teach you how to integrate Azure Functions in the logic app workflow. They also discuss best practices and pitfalls to avoid while designing Azure Functions.

After reading this book, you will be able to design and deploy Azure Functions and implement solutions to real-world business problems through serverless applications.

What Will You Learn

  • Monitor and secure Azure Functions
  • Build and deploy Azure Functions
  • Enable continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) DevOps strategies for Azure Functions
  • Run Azure Functions on Azure Kubernetes Cluster