COMPLETE Guide to Learn to Code (Programming Language)

COMPLETE Guide to Learn to Code (Programming Language)
COMPLETE Guide to Learn to Code (Programming Language)

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Go from beginner to advanced with the Python programming language!

If you would like to learn Python 3 programming in 2019, you are going to LOVE this course! Get started with the most beginner friendly programming language and start writing your very own programs today!

This course was designed for absolute beginners who wish to pursue a career in software development.

+ Table of Contents

1 Introduction
2 Why is Python 3 worth learning
3 Installing Python 3 on Windows
4 Installing Python 3 on Ubuntu and Mac
5 Taking a closer look at Python 3 IDLE
6 Math operators
7 Strings
8 Variables and variable naming rules
9 Our first program
10 Type len str int float functions
11 True or false Boolean
12 If statement
13 If and else
14 Using elif for multiple statements
15 While loop
16 Infinite loops with break
17 Using continue in a loop
18 For Loop
19 Importing Python libraries
20 Defining functions in Python 3
21 Local and global variables
22 Coding guess the number program
23 Reverse a string function
24 Calculate area of a circle program
25 Simple Python calculator
26 Removing vowels from string program
27 Find the largest number out of three
28 Python lists
29 Creating smaller lists out of a bigger one
30 Manipulating lists and elements
31 Append insert remove sort
32 Tuples
33 Introduction to dictionaries
34 Values keys items get
35 Dictionary comprehension part 1
36 Dictionary comprehension part 2
37 Advanced string manipulation
38 Upper lower isupper islower
39 Split strip join startswith endswith
40 Navigating through system with OS library
41 Reading and writing to files
42 Reversing text from a file
43 Try and except
44 Try and finally
45 Classes
46 Changing class attributes
47 Built in class attributes
48 Using your class in a different program
49 Using your class in a program
50 Implementing students count option
51 Class inheritance
52 Overriding methods in a class
53 Printing and calculating date and time
54 Different date formats
55 Extracting useful data
56 Regex part 1
57 Regex part 2
58 Performing HTTP GET requests
59 Performing POST requests
60 Handling website redirections
61 BeautifulSoup
62 Encoding in requests
63 Session objects and cookies
64 SSL certificate authentication etc
65 JSON library and proxies
66 Socket terminology
67 Connecting two machines
68 Coding a chat program
69 Receiving desired amount of data
70 Socket timeout and options
71 UDP server and client
72 AF UNIX and raw sockets
73 Introduction to threading part 1
74 Introduction to the threading part 2
75 Sending emails using smtplib