Git & GitHub For Beginners – Master Git and GitHub

Git & GitHub For Beginners – Master Git and GitHub

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Git & GitHub Masterclass for Beginners – Master Practical Key Concepts and Workflow of Git and Git Hub (Let’s GIT IT!)

Ultimate Master Class for Git, GitHub, GitLab, and SVN

(The Course Has been Optimized and now includes also Git and GitHub Premium Lectures)

So you want to learn Version Control Systems.

Maybe that’s Git, GitHub (or maybe both Git GitHub), GitLab, or even Bit Buckets. Doesn’t really matter.

Let me teach you all the FUNDAMENTALS you need to get yourself STARTED as FAST as possible.

I know that your time is precious and maybe you’re about to start a NEW JOB at your dream company or maybe you need to start working on your projects right away – so LET’S NOT WASTE TIME!

Studying our Git and GitHub Masterclass course will save you PLENTY of time googling and trying to connect the dots.

So WELCOME to my Ultra Practical & Summarized Git and GitHub Course to get yourself started! Let’s Git It, shall we??

Whether you want to improve your development skills, become a better programmer, or even increase your chances of getting your dream job.

You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Vlad and I’m talking about none other than my Version Control Systems (Git & GitHub) Ultimate Course where you’re going to learn the basics of Git, its workflow, what is GitHub, and how Git and GitHub are connected.

So, if you’ve been using Python, C#, C++, or maybe you’re a Web Developer who’s using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS – what I can tell you, is this one thing – this course is definitely for you!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand some “Common Problems” developers face (without Git)
  • Learn what is Version Control System (VCS )
  • Download & Install Git Source Control System
  • Create “First Git Project” (Initialize a Git Repository)
  • Learn the key concepts of “Git Basic Workflow”
  • Understand the difference between “Git Untracked” and “Git Tracked” files
  • 3 stages: Working Directory – Git Staging Area – Git Repository
  • Learn Git Common Commands – “git status”, “git add”, “git commit”, “git log”
  • Review Changes using “git diff”
  • Unstage & Revert – Important Git and GitHub functionalities
  • Remove a file from a Git Repository
  • Git GitHub: Introduction to GitHub [*Remote* Version Control System]
  • Create a GitHub account
  • Configure Remote GitHub repository with Local Git
  • PUSH Local Repository to GitHub Repository
  • Creating New Repository on GitHub
  • Clone, Fork and Pull using Git and GitHub
  • GitHub: Raw, Blame, and History
  • GitHub: Watch, Star and Fork
  • GitHub Issues & Labels
  • Git Premium Content Visualization
  • Git GitHub: Branching – Theory + Hands-On
  • Git and GitHub: Merging – Process, Steps, and Merge Techniques
  • Merge – Fast Forward in Git
  • Merge – Recursive Merging (3-way) in Git and GitHub
  • Conflict Resolution using Git – General Intro + Usage
Table of Contents

Introduction To Version Control Systems
1 Course Introduction
2 Welcome!
3 Curriculum
4 How to approach this course [Heroes may skip]!
5 Introduction to Version Control Systems – WHY you should be using it
6 What is a VCS Choosing the Version Control System!

Learning Git Essentials
7 Download & Install Git
8 Configuring Basic Git Information
9 Creating First Git Project (git init)
10 Basic Workflow of Git
11 Git Workflow – Additional Practice
12 Reviewing Changes in Git – using git diff
13 Removing a file from Git Repository
14 Tagging (Local Part)
15 Unstaging a Staged File in Git
16 Unmodifying Files – Revert Last Commit Operation in Git

GitHub First Steps & Basics
17 Why we need Remote Version Control System
18 Collaboration & Online Backup – Importance
19 Choosing GitHub RVCS!
20 Creating GitHub Account
21 Quickly Exploring GitHub
22 Creating New Repository on GitHub

GitHub Commands & Functionalities
23 Trying to Push Local to Remote
24 Public-Private Clarification
25 SSH – General Explanation
26 Configuring Connection using SSH
27 Watch & Star
28 Raw, Blame and History of a file on GitHub
29 GitHub Issues & Labels
30 gitignore
31 GitHub Fork Functionality
32 Clone from Remote to Local Repository
33 General Introduction to Branches
34 Branches – Hands On! Git & GitHub Usage

Version Control Premium Content Visualization, Flow, and Commands
35 Introduction to Extended Visualization
36 Visualization of Git Local Workflow Diagram
37 Untracked files
38 Tracking New Files
39 Staging Modified Files
40 Two States After Staged
41 Committing the Changes
42 Skipping the Staging Area

Branching – Full Introduction To Merging [Branches in Version Control Systems]
43 Branching – Real Life Scenarios [Intro To Merge]!

Merging – Process, Steps, and Merge Techniques
44 Merge – Fast Forward Technique
45 Merge – Recursive Merging 3-Way Merge

Conflicts Resolution
46 Merge Conflict – General Introduction
47 Merge Conflict Resolution – Core Part & Usage

Intermediate Level Going Further
48 Git Status Short
49 “git log” — Going Further
50 Git Aliases
51 Removing Files
52 Moving a file in Git

GitLab Remote Version Control System – Introduction
53 Create an account on GitLab
54 Create MyFirstVehicle Project on GitLab
55 Learn GitLab – Explore & Issues
56 GitLab – Start Working

GitLab Start Working
57 SSH – Configuration & Clone
58 Create a new file & Push to server
59 GitLab – Creating New Branches
60 GitLab – Merge Request

SVN (SubVersion) Remote Version Control System – Introduction
61 SVN – Introduction
62 SVN Workflow
63 SVN VS Git
64 Installation Preparation

Tortoise SVN – Down to Business
65 Tortoise SVN – Download & Install
66 Tortoise SVN – Creating a New Repository and a New Project (add & commit)
67 Tortoise SVN – Hands On
68 SVN – File Differences
69 SVN – Branches
70 SVN – Preparing to Merge
71 SVN – Merging Process

Congratulations! You’ve made it! So what’s next
72 Bonus Lecture