The Game Design Toolbox

The Game Design Toolbox

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1032365510 | 182 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 25 MB

This book presents 71 practical game design tools that readers can use to solve real-world game design problems. Written to be a “toolbox” for game designers, it offers a hands-on approach with clear and easy-to-use tools so that readers can quickly find the right solution to the problem they are facing.

This book is divided into six game design phases: ideation, exploration, commitment, problem solving, balancing, and tuning. Each category contains an array of relevant tools, and the accompanying indexes offer suggestions for tools to use for specific problems. Support Materials for this book offer further teaching materials, exercises, and complementary FAQs.

Written to be a practical resource, this book will be a useful toolbox for junior and veteran game designers alike.