Functional Programming Projects with JavaScript

Functional Programming Projects with JavaScript

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In learning and following the core concepts of Functional Programming, you can quickly write more maintainable, flexible, and beautiful code.

Functional Programming is a revolutionary way of writing code and is rapidly gaining traction in the world of software development. While Object-Oriented Programming is still the most popular programming paradigm, there are a number of problems that come about when using it – hard-to-find bugs, tightly coupled code, very difficult to scale. Functional programming allows us to solve or avoid all these problems by taking a very different approach to writing software.

Learn all about the core concepts of Functional Programming and how to apply them in JavaScript, mix of screen casting, slides, and coding. Basic functional concepts lead to first class functions, which leads to working with arrays and objects and then advanced functional concepts.

What You Will Learn

  • The core concepts of Functional Programming and how to apply them in Javascript
  • First-class functions and what we can do with them
  • JavaScript’s built-in array functions and how they help us work with data
  • Advanced functional concepts such as currying, recursion, and composition
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Table of Contents

Essential Concepts and Syntax
Imperative vs. Declarative Programming
Pure Functions
Simple Data Structures

First-Class and Higher-Order Functions
What are First-Class and Higher-Order Functions
Example 1 Sale Price Calculator
Example 2 Printing Function Execution
Example 3 Benchmarking Function Performance
Example 4 Isomorphic Functions for Values and Arrays
Example 5 Function-Call Tracking
Example 6 Argument Checking

Function Memoization
What is Memoization
Memoization Technniques Multiple Arguments
Memoization Techniques Higher-Order Functions

Functional Programming Projects with JavaScript Introduction

Partial Application and Currying
What are Partial Application and Currying
Object Property Defaults with Partial Application
URL Building with Partial Application
Automatic Partial Application

Functional Programming Projects with JavaScript Summary

Working with Arrays and Objects Functionally
The Map, Filter, Some, and Every Functions
The Spread Operator
The Reduce Function