Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps

Flutter 2.0: Build Modern Responsive Web & Mobile Apps

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Build Adaptive Apps – Web Apps, iOS, Android & Desktop Apps with a Single Codebase using Flutter 2.0 & Firestore

If you’ve wondered how to leverage your pre-existing Flutter/Dart development skills, then you’ll be happy to know you now can build dynamic, scalable, and adaptive web apps (iOS, Android, and Desktop) with Flutter!

Flutter 2.0 is a big release – you can use Flutter and Dart to build adaptive web and desktop apps – all with a single codebase.

In this course, you’ll learn how to leverage Flutter 2.0 and Dart and build a capstone app called Book Tracker.

You’ll be:

  • (First) How to build a simple Flutter Web App – Portfolio App – to get started
  • Build a full-fledged, more complex, Flutter Web App with Firestore, FirebaseAuth as the backend
  • Create, Authenticate, and login users using Google Cloud FirebaseAuth
  • Create, Edit, Delete, Update Books with Cloud Firestore backend
  • Use Providers, StreamBuilders in Flutter 2.0
  • Learn how to implement basic and Advanced Routing in Flutter 2.0 Web
  • Deploy Flutter Web App to Firebase Hosting
  • Build and release iOS and Android Mobile Apps from the same Web app codebase!

By the end of this course, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge you’ll need to build adaptive Flutter web apps, iOS, Android competently and easily port the same app into Desktop Apps!

What you’ll learn

  • Build Web Apps with Flutter 2.0 & Could Firestore
  • Build Adaptive, Dynamic Web Apps with Flutter 2.0
  • Master Advanced Flutter API’s like Providers & Routing
  • Compile and Build iOS and Android App Using the same Flutter Web App Codebase
  • Learn How to Use FirebaseAuth to Authenticate Web App Users
  • Cutting Edge Flutter 2.0 Web App, iOS, Android and Desktop App Development Tools
Table of Contents

1 Introduction and Course Prerequesites
2 What You’ll be Building in this Course
3 Quick Message

Machine Setup – WINDOWS Users ONLY
4 Download Windows Installation Instructions PDF
5 Setup Your Windows Machine for Flutter Web Development
6 Windows – Flutter Setup Instructions

Machine Setup – MAC Users ONLY
7 Download MAC Installation Instructions PDF
8 Setup Your MAC Machine for Flutter Web Development
9 macOS – Flutter Setup Instructions

Download Course Code
10 Download Course Code
11 Download Course Code

Build a Simple Flutter Web App – Portfolio App
12 Installing Important VS Code Extensions
13 Download Project Assests
14 Download Project Assests
15 IMPORTANT Null Safety Automatically Enabled – WATCH THIS VIDEO
16 Create a Portfolio Project
17 AppBar – Adding Image and Name
18 Finishing up the AppBar and Action Buttons
19 Refactoring Our Code
20 Setup the Main Body Section – Add Image and Overlay Text
21 Setup the Main Body Section – Fix Overflow Issues
22 Setup the Main Body Section – Adding Button Row
23 Finishing up the Project List
24 Launching Social Media Links When Icons Clicked
25 Implementing MailTo and Final Fixes

Build a Book Tracker App with Firebase & Firestore with Flutter 2.0
26 What You’ll Build
27 Project Setup and Creating the GetStarted Page
28 Finishing up the GetStarted Page
29 Setup the Login Page – Part 1
30 Toggle Create and Login Logic
31 Setup Login Page -Creating the Form
32 Setup Login Page – Finishing up the User Interface
33 Login form Validation
34 Create Account Form
35 Section Summary

Setting up FirebaseAuth & Firestore – The App Backend Infrastructure
36 Introduction – FirebaseAuth and Firestore
37 Setting up FirebaseAuth & Firestore Backend
38 Login in an Existing User – Setup Firebase Auth User
39 Signing in and Creating a User Account from the Web App
40 Getting Snapshot of a Single Field and Showing It
41 Redirecting Logged In Users to MainScreen Automatically
42 Mapping Firestore Document to a Book Object
43 Updating the User
44 Resources

The User Profile – Setting Up the User Profile
45 User Creation Structure
46 Creating Users Collection in Cloud Firestore
47 Adding Action Buttons in the AppBar
48 Filtering Users and Showing Username in the AppBar
49 Showing User Avatar Pic
50 Create the User Account Dialog & Showing the Avatar and Name
51 User Profile – Adding Name and Profession
52 Finishing Up Adding User Quotes
53 Edit Profile – Setting up the Form Dialog
54 Populating TextFields and Code Refactor
55 Refactoring the UpdateUser Widget

Book Search & Adding Books to Cloud Firestore
56 Section Introduction
57 Creating the Search Book Page – Adding a TextField
58 Google Book API – An Overview
59 Parsing the Book API JSON
60 Setting up the Book Class & FetchBooks Function
61 Refactoring FetchBooks Function
62 Showing Fetched Books in a ListView
63 Creating the BookCard Widget
64 Creating the BookDetails Alert Dialog
65 Book Detail Dialog – Save and Cancel Buttons & Minor Cosmetics Fixes
66 Saving Books to Cloud Firestore Database & Code Refactory
67 Resources

Book Tracker Main Page – Reading and Read Lists
68 Introduction – The Main Page Structure
69 Assets
70 Adding the Label Text
71 Setting up Reading Now List – Dummy Cards
72 Setting up the Reading Card List Widget
73 Adding Items to the Reading Card List Widget – Image and Title
74 Adding Button to the Reading Card List and More Cosmetic Fixes
75 Setting Up the BookRating Widget
76 Pulling in All the Books and Showing in the Card
77 Setup reading List Cards
78 Filtering Books by User Id
79 Adding a Click Event to the Book Card & Show Details Alert
80 Setting up the Form on the Details Alert Dialog
81 Pulling the Book Data and Showing in the Book Details Dialog
82 Setting up the Started Reading Button
83 Updating Book with a Timestamp
84 Showing the Started Reading Date
85 Setting up the FinishedReading Date
86 Adding a RatingBar
87 Finishing Setting up the Rating Bar
88 Deleting a Book
89 Section Summary

Main Page – Cloud Firestore List Filtering
90 Filtering Further the Reading List
91 Fixing the Rating Bar Update Issues
92 Showing a List of all Read Books
93 Fixing the Notes TextField State Issue
94 Theming the Buttons

Flutter Providers & Advanced Routing
95 Providers – Quick Introduction
96 Creating and Using a Provider – User Provider
97 Adding Routing to the App
98 Routing in Flutter – Basic Routing and Advanced Routing
99 Creating the Page Not Found Route
100 [FIX] Firestore Version Issues
101 Adding onUnknownRoute Function
102 Adding a CatchError in the Create Account Form
103 Resources

Adding Favicon and App Icon to the Flutter Web Project – Book Tracker
104 Setup CLI – Instructions
105 Assets
106 Add Icon Image in App Bar
107 Adding Favicon to the Project

App Deployment to Firebase Hosting
108 Deploying the Web App to Firebase Hosting

Running Web App on Android & iOS Devices
109 Introduction – Building for Android and iOS
110 Android build Setup – Adding Google Services Manifest & Gradle
111 Generating Icons for Android and iOS
112 Running App on an Android Emulator – With Some Issues
113 Fixing the ParseDouble Issue & Running the App on Android Emulator
114 Resources

[MAC USERS ONLY] – Build and Release iOS App
115 Introduction – Build and Release iOS App
116 Resources
117 Run the App on iOS Simulator

118 What’s Next

119 Bonus